Love Island fans cant believe how stupid Callum is as he asks the twins if theyre both 20


LOVE Islands Callum Jones has already left a lasting impression on fans after asking twins Eve and Jess Gale if they are both 20.

The 23-year-old scaffolder had viewers in hysterics thanks to his unfortunate blunder, with one awarding him with the dumbest question asked on launch night.

Callum asked the twins if they were the same age

One fan tweeted: A guy in #LoveIsland just asked one of the twins Are use both 20? #speechless.

Another wrote: “Cant believe Ive just heard callum on love island say are you both 20? to TWINS.”

Another added: Are you both 20? Dumbest question goes to Callum #LoveIsland.

The shock arrival of twins Eve and Jess at the end of last nights episode appeared to cause quite a stir, perhaps accounting for Callums cringe-worthy moment.

The twins late arrival caused a stir in the villa

Callum and the rest of the Islanders were quick to quiz the new arrivals

While the Islanders introduced themselves to the girls, Mike Boateng who is paired with Leanne Amaning – couldnt contain his excitement.

It didnt take long for the former copper to quiz them on their type, before dubbing the blonde sisters double trouble.

His reaction didnt go unnoticed with his fellow Islanders either, with Sophie commenting: Alright Michael, put your tongue back in your mouth!

The twins are set to cause more drama in tonights episode. The pair will couple up with two of the boys leaving two of the other girls single and vulnerable.

Tonight’s teaser reveals Michael kisses one of the twins in the first task of the series
Callum also kisses one of the twins
The twins ask Callum who he prefers out of them

Later, Jess and Eve corner Callum – who is coupled up with Shaughna Phillips – for a chat as they ask him who he prefers before they bicker over their upcoming decision.

The girls previously said theyd never argue over a boy.

Jess explained: “Boys often say: ‘Right, I fancy you both, which one of you wants me?’

“Some boys will be messaging me and Jessica at the same time, I don’t think they think we talk!

“But weve got so much respect for each other, were not going to argue over a boy.”

Hailing from Cambridge, the blonde duo – who looked very different as redheads back in 2015 – worked as waitresses at Embargo Republica on Chelseas famous Kings Road before entering the Love Island villa.

Eve has been linked to Kylie Jenners ex Tyga, but the pair havent actually met.

She explained: “We were both at an event and I posted an Instagram story tagging him. He then messaged me afterwards and we spoke on WhatsApp.”


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