Love Island fans confused as new cast member Brad has ‘never been on a date’ – but had a girlfriend two years ago


LOVE Island fans have been left confused after new cast member Brad McClelland said he had “never been on a date”.

Eagle-eyed fans noted that the labourer had said he had a girlfriend two years ago, but also admitted that he’d never taken a girl out before.

Brad has “never been on a date” before despite having a girlfriend

Taking to Twitter to introduce himself, Brad, 26, was described by the Love Island team as “single for two years and living with his nana”.

But alongside a series of snaps of him smiling and laughing, the tweet detailed he had “never been on a date”.

Immediately fans jumped in to reply to ask what he did when he had a girlfriend previously if he had never taken a girl out.

“Never been on a date? What did he go on before being single?” one confused fan asked in response.

Fans were confused as to why he hadn’t taken previous partners out

“How’s he never been on a date if he’s been single for 2 years? No wonder his ex split with him if he never took her out,” another joked.

A third chimed: “How can he have been in a relationship but never been on a date? That makes no sense. Am I missing something?”

“If he’s been single for two years, how has he never been on a date? Is he two years old?” a fourth added.

Others speculated what his old relationship would have been like, with one joking his ex girlfriend was “restricted to just phone calls”.

Brad had been single for two years before joining the Love Island line up

While one woman defended him. “Dates and being in a relationship is not the same thing,” she wrote, adding: “Not every relationship involves dates.”

Another suggested: “To everyone wondering why it says he’s never been on a date, maybe he did online dating?”

Brad previously revealed how he completely transformed his body in the years before he signed up to the reality show.

Ironically, the singleton hasn’t had a girlfriend since becoming ripped, but it should help him land a lady in the Majorcan villa.

Brad lost a lot of weight before joining the line up

Brad documented his dramatic body change on Instagram, revealing how in just 10 weeks he stripped away his body fat to reveal lean muscle.

Showing off an impressive eight-pack while standing in his boxers, Brad was rightly proud of his results, twisting and turning for the camera.

The hunk explained on the Love Island Instagram that he isn’t a fan of dating apps, favouring more organic meet-ups.

He said: “I want to date face-to-face, I like meeting people. I’m easy going, laid back. Who wouldn’t want to be in a nice villa in a hot country for a while?”


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