Love Island fans go wild for Luke Ms hot brother Liam as they are reunited after two months apart


LOVE Island fans are going wild for Luke M’s hot brother Liam as they are reunited after two months apart.

Viewers were stunned when Justin Bieber lookalike Luke M entered the villa.

Luke Mabbott with his brother Liam

But what shocked them more than a double of the superstar singer was that his brother was also hot.

He shared a selfie with brother Liam, with Luke M wearing a black T-shirt and cap.

Liam wore a grey T-shirt and sported a beard.

Luke M captioned the photo: “Reunited with my brother after nearly 2 months missed my guy”

Luke M came third in the first Winter Love Island

Fans went wild about Liam, with even Luke M’s Love Island best friend Luke T saying: “How does it feel being the ugly brother… again.”

One fan wrote: “Can your brother apply for the summer ed[ition]?”

Another added: “Oh! Hiya! That’s some good genes!”

A third said: “Is there another one of u that’s single”

He partnered up with Demi Jones

This reunion comes after Luke M and Demi finally spent a night together in a hotel room after revealing they were out of lockdown.

The couple last night shared a video with fans of them in bed after finally getting their phones back.

Luke M said: “We just got back to the hotel. The final was absolutely amazing.”

“We can’t thank you enough for how lovely and kind you’ve been,” Demi added.

“The amount of messages of support we’ve had has been overwhelming.”

The cast have just come back from South Africa

Luke M replied:“It’s been crazy. Thank you so much for voting and all the positive feedback.

“We are so overwhelmed and appreciate it so much. We are coming home soon!”

The pair unexpectedly fell for each other after both being dumped by their partners – but soon became a hit with fans.

They finished in third place in Sunday night’s final, with Paige and Finn being crowned the first winners of the winter series.


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