Love Island fans shocked and confused as the butter churner is Callums favourite sex position


LOVE Island fans were left shocked and confused as Callum Jones revealed his favourite sex position tonight.

The scaffolder from Manchester said his favourite sex move is the butter churner – and viewers were left scratching their heads.

Callum revealed his favourite sex position is the butter churner

Callum made the revelation during a boys vs girls challenge called Spill The Tea.

AndShaughna Phillips correctly guessed it was about him.

But even after he demonstrated the position, viewers were still confused.

Everyone in the UK googling what is the butter churner,” one viewer tweeted.

Callum tried to demonstrate the move but fans were left confused
Shaughna guessed it was Callum but was shocked she was right
Callum didn’t see what the big deal was
They had a snog during the game

Butter churner ????” another asked.

They say love island doesnt educate yet here we are learning butter churner,” a third commented.

The sex move is said to be incredible for having pleasurable orgasms but its certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Fancy spicing things up in the bedroom? The ‘butter churner’ move may be perfect for adventurous couples

The woman lies on her back with her legs raised and bent over so her ankles are pulled back towards her head.

Then, the man squats so he can slowly penetrate her vagina above her.

And the trusting motion is said to be similar to making butter in an old fashioned butter churner.


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