Love Island fans spot clever way to tell the twins apart Eve has white nails


LOVE Island fans have been struggling to tell the difference between Eve and Jess Gale but one viewer may have just made life easier: Eve is wearing the white false nails.

One Reddit user figured out the subtle difference and confirmed: “PSA: Eve has white nails for an easier way to tell the twins apart.”

Well, until she visits the salon on a trip out of the villa and they decide to switch.

The twins entered the villa after the first coupling ceremony took place on Sunday, but they quickly set the cats among the pigeons.

They have ruffled Shaughna Phillips and Leanne Armaning’s feather by picking Callum Jones and Mike Boateng during their twist coupling ceremony – and now furious Shaughna and Leanne have declared war on the twins after they brazenly stole their men from them.

A sneek-peek shows Callum and Mike heading off with Eve and Jess – as the two sit there fuming.

Eve (left) has the longer white nails

An easy way to tell the difference – until they get their nails changed

Leanne seethes: “As if they’re on a date right now.

“You know when you can just tell she’s literally giggling, flicking her hair round, twisting it, twirling it. “It’s not that funny, love.”

Shaughna then lays out her battle plan, replying: “Listen, tomorrow, we’re going to have to do make-up.”

Eve and Jess made their picks

But Leanne and Shaughna are not happy

Callum and Mike are having a whale of a time though

Leanne asks: “What are you going to wear?”

Her pal replies curtly: “As little as possible,” while over on the double date, the boys are shown laughing as they crack open a bottle of champagne.

They were stolen by the twins from their existing couples after the pair were given free reign to select whomever they liked.

But it looks like Eve will find herself in the middle of an epic showdown with the other girls after stealing Callum.

In a teaser for Tuesday’s show, the twin coldly asks: “Are you done?” during a group chat, leaving Shaughna and Paige stunned.


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