Love Island girls horrified as Connor admits hes slept with over 100 women


LOVE Islands girls are horrified tonight when Connor reveals hes slept with over 100 girls.

The Islanders play a game called Spill The Tea in tonights show, and Sophie is shocked when its revealed one of the boys has bedded over 100 ladies.

Sophie is horrified by the fact …

And The Sun Online can reveal its actually coffee bean entrepreneur Connor whose bedpost notches are in the triple figures.

Looking disgusted when she reads out the fact, Sophie, who is coupled up with Connor, turns to the girls and says ugh while another girl murmurs oh my god.

Itll be another awkward moment between the couple after Sophie was horrified by her other halfs threesome revelation in last nights episode and he got annoyed.

After Connor admitted to going on a first date and ending up in a threesome with the girls flatmate, Sophie mocked him and he got annoyed.

… only to realise it’s Connor who has 100 notches on his bedpost

Connor kept his cool during the game

The girls aren’t impressed either

Siannese and Shaughna are also taken aback

He accused her of hating him and digging him out.

Tonights episode will also see another lad admit to a weird fetish but viewers will have to wait and see whose favourite sex position is the butter churner.

Well also see newly arrived twins Jess and Eve Gale come to blows after picking the same man despite previously arguing that they never go for the same lad.

The sisters arrived in the villa last night and have been tasked with stealing a man from each of the existing couples leaving the girls feeling worried theyll be left single again.

Love Island is on ITV2, 9pm, weeknights and Sundays.


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