Love Island spoilers: Paige left fuming after liar Ollie tells Siannise he fancies her


LOVE Islands Paige was left fuming after she found out that Ollie told Siannise he was interested in her.

In scenes that air tonight, the pair come to blows over the revelation with the Scottish stunner, 22, branding posh Ollie a liar.

Paige hits out at Ollie in tonight’s episode

Paige was reeling after Siannise pulled her for a chat about Ollie and confessed to her: He did say to me that me and you ar the people that he is interested in in here.

The next days she was still raging and took Ollie aside to have it out with him.

Telling him she wasnt going to beat around the bush, she starts: I spoke to Siannise and she is painting a different picture to the one you are painting.

Ollie replies: Really, what is she saying?

Ollie denies saying he fancies Siannise
Siannise told Paige what Ollie said
Paige was really unimpressed with what she heard about Ollie
The pair headed off to have a chat

Paige tells him: That you had said you are interested in her.

Trying to think on his feet, Ollie hits back: I have said to everyone here that I dont fancy anyone else in this villa.

Unable to control herself, Paige shouts: Well, that is a lie. You never said that because you told Siannise the very opposite.

As the other Islanders look over, a shifty looking Ollie tells her: I did not say to Siannise that I fancied her at any stage.

You said you were interested, Paige insisted.

They both agree that the only way to sort this is by talking to Siannise so call her over.

Will Siannise stick with her story and will Ollie admit what he said?


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