Love Island star Anna Vakili reveals her coronavirus-stricken dad collapsed as she suffered ‘scariest’ time of her life


ANNA Vakili has revealed her coronavirus-stricken dad collapsed on Boxing Day – and it was the “scariest time of her life”.

The Love Island star updated fans on her own health battle as her father, mother and sister Mandi all continue to suffer from the virus.

Anna Vakili’s dad collapsed amid his ongoing coronavirus battle

She wrote on Instagram: “Me and Mandi are almost fully recovered (just both have bad muscle pains, fatigue and I get bad headaches), but just looking after our parents at the moment.

“Dad is quite bad and collapsed on Boxing Day. It was the scariest time of my life.

“Ambulance came but we have decided to keep him at home.

“His breathing is okay, he is just sleeping all day.

“Mum has slept most of the day, but I can definitely see an improvement in her. Her breathing is fine too.

“I’m just hoping by New Year’s they will feel better.”

This week the 30-year-old was left bedbound by coronavirus and warned fans: “This is not a joke.”

Anna warned coronavirus is ‘not a joke’

Anna gave fans tips on how she’s helped to recover from the virus.

She said: “Lots of ginger lemon honey warm drinks, vitamin d, verocca, steam inhalation with mint, paracetamol to bring down fever, ibuprofen for fever and pains – but please check it doesn’t interact with any current conditions or medications).

“Sterimar spray for sinuses and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice a day.”

The 29-year-old has been struck down by the virus

Anna added: “Also guys I’ve heard for breathing it’s good to lie on your front – we haven’t had to do this as haven’t had any breathing problems, but still, others might find useful.

“I’ve had so many DMs from people that are positive for COVID – this s*** is spreading fast.

“Sending love to anyone going through it or with family going through it.”

Her sister Mandi updated fans on her condition

Anna shot to fame on Love Island last summer when she was left heartbroken by her boyfriend Jordan Hames who tried to hook up with another islander behind her back.

During the pandemic she returned to her job as a pharmacist.


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