Love Island viewers all spot same thing about Ekin-Su’s break up with Jay


THEY only coupled up a few days ago, but it looks like things are already over for Ekin-Su and Jay.

In a first look from tomorrow night’s Love Island episode the Turkish actress is seen screeching at Jay – and fans all noticed the same thing about it.

Ekin-Su tells Jay he deserves an Oscar
She storms off after ending things

Ekin-Su used the same phrases that Davide did when he ended things with her – telling Jay he “deserved an Oscar”.

Noticing the similarities, one person wrote: “Ekin Su using Davide’s Oscar line, you can’t make this up. #LoveIsland.”

A second tweeted: “Not ekin su tell Jay that he deserves an Oscar that’s davide’s line and he already gave you an Oscar #LoveIsland.”

While a third added: “Ekin Su stealing Davide’s lines bar for bar word for word #loveisland.”

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wind up

Love Island fans all say the same thing about Davide as he torments ex Ekin-Su

During the showdown, which will air tomorrow, Ekin raged:  “It’s just hit me now what you’ve done. You’re telling me you want to get to know Paige. She’s in a secure relationship. Do you know how muggy that makes you look?

“Apparently I was the player in here, but the biggest player in this villa is you. You deserve the biggest Oscar in here.”

As she stood up, she said “well done”, before adding “f*** off” – leaving Jay gobsmacked.

Last week Davide and Ekin-Su’s romance came to an abrupt end after he learnt she had kissed Jay behind his back.

It escalated into an explosive bust-up – with Italian stallion Davide claiming Turkish actress Ekin-Su lost interest after he refused to have sex with her.

She stormed over to Davide, who was with the lads, as he ranted: “They are going to give you an Oscar”

Ekin-Su said: “Go on, do you want to show off even more in front of the boys, Mr perfect body? Go on.”

Davide quipped: “I am just in shock.”

Ekin-Su continued: “Did I hurt your ego?”

Davide raged: “I’m telling you, you are a liar.”

She replied: “You don’t care about me”, and he said: “You are a liar, now I don’t give a s*** about you don’t worry.”

Davide then dropped a huge bomb, telling her: “What do you expect? In the outside world you want to s*** on the first night.

“Here I’m looking for something real – I don’t s*** you the first night.”

Jay was gobsmacked by her reaction
Davide previously said Ekin-Su deserved the Oscar


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