Love Island winner Cara De La Hoyde says mum-shamers have ‘hurt’ her as she breaks down in tears over parenting struggle


LOVE Island winner Cara De La Hoyde has opened up about mum-shamers who have ‘hurt’ her after the star broke down in tears over parenting struggles.

The brave reality TV star has spoken candidly about the struggles of becoming a mum for the second time and has hit back at haters.

Cara has opened up about the struggles of being a mum
She told fans parenting is harder the second time around

The 31-year-old beauty has adorable son Freddie, 2, with Love Island co-star Nathan Massey, and gave birth to gorgeous daughter Delilah last July.

Cara, who has broken down in tears to fans about sleepless nights with little Delilah, told HOAR at the Paw Patrol premiere: “I’ve got two now, they are my world, but it’s so hard.

“I don’t know how us mums do it. It’s much harder this time around too, as with Freddie it wasn’t like that.

“I just have to keep my head up when you get trolls, people can say mean thing and it hurts. But to be honest I’m too busy running after my kids. I can only do my best.”

“I don’t know how us mum’s do it.”

Just last month Cara broke down in tears saying she “can’t cope” with her baby Delilah.

The mum-of-two, who gave birth to her first daughter with villa co-star Nathan last year, wept in an emotional Instagram video.

She told her fans: “So I genuinely I need help – I’ve just rung Nathan crying, I don’t know what to do.”

The TV favourite said she could no longer cope as the child cried non-stop for 45 minutes.

Cara added: “Delilah’s just such hard work. I know everyone we spoke to said it’s lockdown babies – but Fred weren’t like this.

“I don’t know how to cope with her. You can’t walk out of the room, you can’t put her down. She’s in her playpen now, she’s safe. Don’t judge me.

“People go: ‘You’ve got to leave them’ – but honestly she will cry for like 45 minutes non-stop and get herself in a state where she can’t breathe.

“It’s just really draining. I’ve got a house to run, I’ve got work commitments. Literally, I can’t get nothing done. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where we go for help.”

I don’t know how to cope with her. You can’t walk out of the room, you can’t put her down.

She begged fans: “If anyone’s got any tips, please let us know. Don’t say to leave her to cry because it doesn’t work. Honestly. The child don’t give in.”

Cara and Nathan won Love Island in 2016 and went on to get married three years later, becoming one of the show’s rare success stories.

Cara said last year that she has been transformed since leaving her reality TV look behind and becoming a mum.

Four years on, the Essex girl has ditched the fake lashes, immaculate make-up and carefully chosen outfits and is fully immersed in life as a busy mum of two.

She said: 'Don't say leave her to cry because it doesn't work. honestly'

She is determined to carry on doing her best
The couple are now parents to two children, Freddy and Delilah
The couple dote on their two children Freddie and Delilah
Love Island's Cara and Nathan met on Love Island in 2016
Love Island’s Cara and Nathan met on Love Island in 2016


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