Love Island’s Alexandra Cane breaks down in tears as she quits social media sobbing ‘you don’t know the full story’


LOVE Island star Alexandra Cain has quit social media in tears after getting “bashed” online.

The 29-year-old said she was leaving for the sake of her mental health, telling her critics: “You don’t know the full story.”

Alexandra Cane wept in an emotional Instagram video last night

Alexandra, who has lost two stone, was upset after some fans called her irresponsible for saying that your periods can stop during exercise.

Speaking last night, she told fans: “I just had to come on here to say a few things quickly just before I disappear off social media. Quite honestly I need to for my own mental sake.

“It’s funny isn’t it how you click on the people’s profiles who are bashing you and they’re the first people to be posting about mental health and not tearing other people down because you don’t know what battles they’re facing behind closed doors.

“Well it’s funny now the shoe’s on the other foot isn’t it?”

The star said she was quitting social media after being ‘bashed’ by critics

She insisted: ‘I have never normalised anything to do with loss of periods due to exercise’

She added: “My intentions have never been to hurt anybody or cause anybody any distress or pain or any problems.

“My fitness plan I launched was all done with a professional, very credible nutritionist – I’ve never recommended anything other than what the government guidelines state.

“For anyone that is bashing me, please remember that. I have never normalised anything to do with loss of periods due to exercise etc.

“I merely said it’s something that can happen within the industry and not enough people speak about it so I wish to share my experience at some point in the future.

“My reasons why: certain things that happened to me. There are other factors have have come into play regarding this which I don’t wish to speak on.

“Just remember you see glimpses of part of people’s lives on social media but you don’t know the full story. You opinions are just opinions, not facts.”

She added: “I need to channel my energy into something positive rather than feeding into the negative because that is how life should be lived.”

Alexandra appeared in the 2018 series of Love Island where she was briefly coupled up with Dr Alex George.


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