Love Islands Amber Gill says pal Rebecca Gormleys big secret is that she goes wild for old guys


LOVE Island champ Amber Gill has revealed Rebecca Gormley is into older men – and accused her of being “full on”.

Geordie babe Amber, 22, knows the northern stunner from the Newcastle party scene.

Love Island champ Amber Gill says pal Rebecca Gormley goes wild for ‘old guys’ and accused her of being ‘full on’

And in heat’s Under the Duvet with VOXI, Amber said she’s not surprised the brunette has been at the centre of so much drama in the South Africa villa.

Bombshell Islander Rebecca, 21, caused a stir when she threatened to steal Callum Jones and Connor Durman from the girls, before leading Connagh Howard up the garden path.

And her entrance during the Dirty Dancing challenge left the girl furious as she got up close and personal with their men.

But it seems Callum, 23, Connagh, 25, and Connagh, 27, were not even her type.

Rebecca might have a few words to say to Amber when she leaves the villa
Rebecca had a kiss with Connagh on Wednesday night's episode
Rebecca locked lips with Connagh, 27, but it seems she prefers ‘older men’

Amber told heat’s Jordan Lee: “I do know Rebecca.

“She’s a bit full on, that’s all I know. Newcastle’s a small place. I don’t know her too well, but I know that she’s full on.”

And when asked what she meant by “full on”, the ex beautician replied: “She said she likes old school guys, but the operative word is ‘old.’

“I am saying nothing more.”

Fans of the show were shocked when she said she was 21
Fans of Love Island were shocked when Rebecca said she was 21
The model walked into the Love Island villa looking like a Greek goddess

Love Island fans had been shocked to discover Rebecca was only 21 after she made her debut.

However, she isn’t lying about her age as many viewers thought – with her birth certificate proving she really is 21.

Fans of the ITV reality show were convinced that the former Miss Newcastle was lying about her age, saying she looks much older.

Rebecca's birth certificate proves she is 21
Rebecca Gormley’s birth certificate proves she really is 21

The Sun Online can confirm that Rebecca was born on April 18 1998 at North Shields General hospital.

One sceptic had tweeted: “Rebecca and Finley are well suited since theyre both identity frauds claiming to be younger than their actual age of 37.”

Another joked: “Thought Rebecca pulled Finn for a chat to tell him that she’s lied about her age too.”

Others demanded to see her birth certificate to prove that her claim is correct.

#loveisland still scratch my head on Rebecca thinking she 21 must be ageing fast or her family told her the wrong age

— Richard (@SpeakinSoFreely) January 21, 2020

I am still in shock about Rebecca's real age. I want to see her passport. This doesn't make sense. #LoveIsland

— Kaynie (@Zeekdays) January 21, 2020

Im sure Rebecca is lieing about her age? 21? She looks about 40… #LoveIsland

— Lea (@_1991L) January 21, 2020

Thought Rebecca pulled Finn for a chat to tell him that she's lied about her age too #loveisland

— don't know (@ayeitsrabz) January 22, 2020


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