Love Island’s Anna Vakili hits back at Vicky Pattison claim she threw handbag at her at awards do


LOVE Island Anna Vakili has denied giving her handbag to Vicky Pattison at a red-carpet event so she could take a selfie with a fan.

The 30-year-old took to her Instagram stories to shut down the claims, insisting she has never even met the former Geordie Shore star.

Anna Vakili denied giving Vicky Pattison her handbag while she took a selfie on the red carpet

Anna, sported a white long-sleeve shirt as she addressed the story which had surfaced in a newspaper article.

She said: “I’ve seen an article about how she met me at the red carpet and said I’m a huge fan and I just handed her my handbag and took a photo with someone else.

“I’m pretty sure that didn’t come from her, I’m 100% she wouldn’t have said that because that didn’t happen.”

Vakili continued: “I don’t even remember seeing her at all, let alone if she was to come up to me and say I’m a big fan I would be literally shocked.”

Anna responded to the claims on her Instagram story

Anna claimed she doesn’t remember ever meeting Vicky

The former Love Islander claimed she would never give her handbag to anyone

The pharmacist re-iterated it’s not in her nature to do something such as give her handbag to someone while taking a selfie.

“I would never hand anybody my handbag, celebrity, any normal person, I would never do such a thing.”

Anna revealed she is set to have breast reduction surgery this week.

Last week she posted a photo of skinade MD post-care and pre-care, which is designed to improve aesthetic surgical results and speed up recovery time.

Anna was a contestant on Love Island 2019

Anna revealed she is getting on breast reduction this week

She took to her Instagram story and wrote: “Taking this before and after my breast reduction surgery next week,” along with a thumbs up emoji.

Anna also mentioned how she is feeling about the new lockdown and is unhappy with her weight.

The 2019 Love Island contestant added: “I feel really s**t about this lockdown and I weighed myself this morning and everyone always says ‘you look good, you should be happy’ but I’m not and that’s the main thing, I’m not happy and I’ve put on a ridiculous amount of weight.

“From today I just want this lockdown to be a healthy one and I want to get to the best version of myself.”

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