Love Island’s Anna Vakili warns ‘this coronavirus s*** is not a joke’ as she’s left bedbound after testing positive


LOVE Island star Anna Vakili has warned fans “this is not a joke” as she’s left bedbound after testing positive for coronavirus.

The 30-year-old is isolating with her sick parents and sister Mandi who have all been struck down by the virus.

Anna Vakili told fans about her battle with coronavirus

Posting from her sick bed, Anna told fans: “This corona s**t is not a joke.

“Been bed bound for days and now been tested positive so has Mandi.”

Updating fans on her condition, Mandi said in a video on Instagram: “So me and Anna both got tested for Covid. I’m not that bad to be honest.

“I had one night that was bad and I have a regular cold, but I’m dealing with it. It’s not my worse cold. 

The 29-year-old has been struck down by the virus

Her sister Mandi updated fans on her condition

“Anna has been really bad, completely bed bound.

“Me, Anna, my mum and dad are all isolating right now at our place because my parents were staying at ours before Tier 4 got announced.”

Anna shot to fame on Love Island last summer when she was left heartbroken by her boyfriend Jordan Hames who tried to hook up with another islander behind her back.

During the pandemic she returned to her job as a pharmacist.

HOAR’s Fabulous Daily revealed this month is preparing to have her seven-year-old breast implants removed because they have caused her pain, lost her work and even impacted on her sex life.

Anna shot to fame on Love Island

Speaking exclusively to, she says: “When I first got them done, I wanted to feel sexier. But it was a mistake thinking bigger boobs would do that.

“They really don’t and if I could turn back time I wouldn’t have done it.

“Pre-surgery, my boobs were actually perfect. But I was easily influenced and made a stupid mistake.”


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