Love Island’s Connor Durman apologises for sending racist texts to his ex calling her ‘rank’ for sleeping with black men


LOVE Island star Connor Durman has apologised for sending racist messages to an ex-girlfriend.

HOAR revealed in January that the star had fired off offensive WhatsApps to Stevie-Leigh Pich after she told him she had slept with someone after they had broken up.

Connor Durman said he made ‘racist remarks’ during a ‘heated conversation’ with his ex

In texts seen by HOAR he branded Stevie having sex with black men as “rank” and “grim” and labelled the make-up artist a “slut” and a “slag” for sleeping with them.

But today, the coffee salesman turned reality star issued a lengthy apology on Instagram referencing the Black Lives Matter movement.

He wrote: “During my time in lockdown and seeing the BLM movement it has given me time to reflect on my past and comments made during a heated conversation between myself and my ex girlfriend before my time in Love Island in 2019.

“Firstly I would like to say I’m extremely sorry for my inappropriate and racist remarks written in the message.

The Love Island star posted a long message to fans on Instagram

Connor with Sophie Piper in the Love Island villa in January

“I completely failed to think about my words and ended up saying something hurtful and insensitive when I was in an angry and emotional state of mind, talking privately with someone close to me.

“The comments made were not a true reflection of the Connor Durman you all know today. However I understand now, there is no excuse for reinforcing racist comments.

“I will think very hard about my assumptions and phrasing from here on out and hope to have an opportunity to show what i have learnt, listened to and importantly understood regarding the BLM movement.

“The BLM movement has given all of us, especially me, a huge insight into racism, although I’ve made regretting comments in the past, I was to make it clear to the people hurt from my comments, including close friends and family, I am not a racist and I do not condemn [sic] any racist behaviour physically or verbally.

He said he was in an ‘angry and emotional state of mind’ when she sent the messages

“Being honest with myself, I still have a lot to learn about the BLM movement, culture and history, but I am very grateful that the BLM movement has happened, the movement has my full support and it’s helped educate me personally along with millions globally, which I believe is one of the many changes the BLM movement are protesting for.

“Finally, I would like to add because of the BLM movement, I plan to use my influence and social platforms positively, expressing in line with the peaceful protests that it is time for a permanent change.”

The 25-year-old signed off the message: “Connor Durman.”

Some of the star’s Love Island housemates backed him after the statement, with Callum Jones commenting: “Well done mate❤👏🏼.”

Wallace Wilson added: “Takes a lot of courage to apologise like this respect it. New beginnings 🙌🏻.”


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