Love Islands Connor Durman looks totally different before getting his teeth and tattoos done


LOVE Island star Connor Durman looked completely different before getting his teeth and tattoos done.

The 25-year-old coffee bean salesman has undergone a transformation over the years, which he claims has helped him pull the ladies.

Connor looked very different before getting his teeth done

His most noticeable change is his teeth, which used to feature a gap at the front but are now perfectly aligned and glistening white.

In his VT for the show, he boasts: Since I got these teeth I have been pulling so many more birds.

The singleton has also had a series of tattoos, including his entire leg covered in an Egyptian themed one, which he had in Thailand last year.

He also has a sleeve covering his left arm, as well as an inscription on his chest that reads: Dream as if youll live forever. Live your days as if theyre your last”.

The singleton has boosted that his teeth have helped him pull
When he was younger Connor didn’t have his collection of tattoos
The coffee bean salesman previously had a gap in his teeth

Connorrecently returned from four years Down Under.

During his time abroad he worked as acheeky naked waiter in Sydney

He now says he is looking for love after growing up while in Australia.

“[I did] everything myself, Ive got so many new and different life experiences, he said.

“Ive had two big relationships, one good, one bad. I think Ive gone through a lot.

“Im mature now and I know what I want”.

Callum now has a leg and arm completely covered
He previously didn’t appear to be so muscly
Connor is from Brighton but spent the last four years in Australia

When asked if he’ll be loyal, Connor added he has cheated on a girl in the past – but is much more mature now.

However while he has claimed he’s “only been on a few dates in the last six months”, his ex has excused him of dumping him to go in the villa.

A furious Stevie-Leigh Pich revealed the pair were together seven weeks ago before she jetted off to Australia.

Connor said he has now grown up and is ready to meet to someone

She wrote on Instagram: “Also just to let everyone know I was with him 7 weeks ago just before I came back out to AuZ (on HIS visa) and I was in a 3 year relationship with him he knew all along he was going on Love island.

“Absolutely savage. I wish Connor all the best but my Instagram is turning off for the whole time Love Island is on.”

Love Island starts on January 12 on ITV2 at 9pm


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