Love Islands Connor hopes Sophie will leave the villa by next week as she goes on date with Wallace


CONNOR Durman has admitted that he hopes Sophie Piper doesn’t find a connection in the villa and will walk by next week.

The former Love Island hopeful appeared on Aftersun on Monday, and told Laura Whitmore that he “had an instinct she would stay”.

But he added: “I hope in a week’s time if she has no connection with someone, she will leave as I will be waiting for her.”

The 25-year-old also admitted that watching Sophie in the villa is “hard” but that he is choosing to remain positive, adding: “She got picked [for the date], she didn’t chose, so I am staying positive.”

New boy Wallace has chosen Sophie as one of his three dates, and viewers will see that tomorrow night.

“I think because we had such a bumpy ride, with so many obstacles with people coming in and it put a massive test on us, but last two days we were getting on well and I could see it could escalate,” he suggested of their romance.

Connor right now realising Sophie has no intention of leaving #LoveIsland

— israa (@israa_idi) January 27, 2020

Connor on aftersun I had a gut instinct she was going to stay fckkk girls this year

— Jill (@jillclb) January 27, 2020

Some Aftersun viewers were left horrified by his words though, with many continuing to compare him to Netflix character Joe Goldberg from You.

In the show, Joe formed murderous obsessions over women.

He had previously acknowledged that Sophie’s “head could be turned” but that he wanted her to “enjoy the experience”>

“Its a once in a lifetime thing. I wouldnt have any grudges against her. I do just want her to be happy,” he said, adding that he will be waiting for Sophie on the outside: “Im in no rush to meet someone else.”

Essex native Connor had been unable to hide his jealousy during his time in the villa, and lashed out at Sophie for her passing comments about the hot new bombshells.

Just days later, he erupted again when Sophie goaded him over another two bombshells and joked they were her type on paper.

He then came under fire from Love Island fans who claimed he was “controlling”.

The comparisons came in full force during the truth game – with producers cutting to Connor glaring at welsh model Connagh and Sophie Piper every time they answered a question.


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