Love Islands Demi left fuming as Nas snogs Eva in bed RIGHT in front of her


LOVE Island’s Demi Jones is left fuming after Nas Majeed snogs Eva Zapico in bed – and RIGHT in front of her.

The 21-year-old university graduate was brutally dumped by Nas after meeting Eva in Casa Amor.

Nas and bombshell Eva share a bed after returning to the main villa and flaunt their romance in front of dumped Demi

Nas had previously latched on to Demi when she entered Love Island as a late bombshell and he’d struggled to form a romantic connection with any of the other girls.

But he soon kicked her to the curb when Eva showed him interest, leaving bubbly Demi gutted.

Tonight, viewers will see her sharing a bed with single Shaughna Phillips who has been dropped by Callum Jones.

As Eva and Nas snuggle in a bed nearby, Shaughna says: “Oh my god. Don’t look.”

Shaughna spots Nas and Eva kissing and cuddling
Demi says ‘I can’t mug myself off like this’

But Demi turns around to see the pair giggling before leaning in to each other and covering their heads with their quilt.

The look on Demi’s face says it all, with the red head left gawping.

Earlier, Demi is heard saying she’ll be “crying in the corner” after Nas dumped her for Eva.

It comes as he insisted he DIDN’T cheat after he arrived from Casa Amor with a new girl in last night’s show.

They snuggle up and cover their heads as they kiss

Fans were left stunned when during the dramatic recoupling when Nas returned with Eva – leaving Demi gobsmacked.

After the very tense episode, Nas takes Demi for a chat.

Demi confesses the thought of them splitting would drive her to tears.

She says: “I feel sad because I feel like my time with you was robbed. I feel like I only just started with you and its just been taken away from me now.

“Im going to wake up tomorrow and youre going to make her breakfast at the bar and Im going to be crying in the corner.”


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