Love Islands Demi says shell be crying in the corner after Nas dumps her for Eva but he insists he DIDNT cheat


LOVE Island’s Demi said she’ll be “crying in the corner” after Nas dumped her for Eva.

It comes as he insisted he DIDN’T cheat after he arrived from Casa Amor with a new girl in last night’s show.

Demi was gutted when Nas ditched her for new girl Eva

Fans were left stunned when during the dramatic recouplingNas returned with Eva – leaving Demi gobsmacked.

After the very tense episode, Nas takes Demi for a chat.

Demi confesses the thought of them splitting would drive her to tears.

She says: “I feel sad because I feel like my time with you was robbed. I feel like I only just started with you and its just been taken away from me now. Im going to wake up tomorrow and youre going to make her breakfast at the bar and Im going to be crying in the corner.”

They have a heart to heart on tonight’s show
She said she could end up “crying in a corner”

During their heart to heart Nas insists he hadn’t cheated.

He tells her: “This probably wont mean much to you, but when I was with Eva, I was like listen, theres certain boundaries I have to set.

“I didnt want to kiss her outside of the context of a game for example.

“We can hug or cuddle but I dont want to go any further, but it wouldnt feel right to me. Sounds a bit soppy but I felt like I did owe you that much.”

Nas look sheepish as he walked in with his new girl

Viewers slammed Nas a “snake” after he ditched Demi for Casa Amor new girl Eva.

One person said: “dude Im so disappointed in Nas!!”

Another added: “How can Nas snake the first girl that gave him a chance”

A third remarked: “Everyone shocked Called it from Day 1 Nas is nowt but a snake Absolute fool for throwing Demi away #LoveIsland”

Everyone shocked Called it from Day 1 Nas is nowt but a snake Absolute fool for throwing Demi away #LoveIsland

— Charlie B (@CharIieBennett) February 6, 2020

Nas is a snake #Loveisland

— DIOR. (@DiorFrannn) February 6, 2020

Demi let her full emotions known, telling everyone: “I’m genuinely gutted. I feel like I didn’t have enough time with Nas but it is what it is.

“I didn’t think he’d bring someone back from the villa. It’s a shame as I went with my heart, I’ve been true to myself and that’s all I can be.”


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