Love Islands Demi takes epic fall on the decking before heart to heart with Shaughna over Luke M


LOVE Island’s Demi took an epic fall on the decking tonight before a heart to heart with Shaughna over Luke M – leaving fans in hysterics.

Shaughna decided to take Demi to one side to tell her she was catching feelings for Luke M, despite him growing closer to Demi.

Love Island’s Demi took an epic fall on the decking tonight before a heart to heart with Shaughna over Luke M – leaving fans in hysterics

But as the girls walked around the decking by the pool to have some privacy, Demi was too busy chatting to her pal to see the step down.

As her heel went over the edge, Demi went down on her knees as Shaughna tried to keep hold of her.

Spilling her glass of wine, Demi couldn’t stop herself from fully going over as she went down before rolling over onto her back.

As she laughed, Shaughna crouched down and cracked up as the rest of the Islanders joined in.

Demi fell to her knees as she walked along the decking by the pool
Her wine went everywhere as she fell over
Demi ended up on her back as everyone laughed

Viewers were equally amused at home, with one writing on Twitter: “naaa Demi is me there was no styling that out #loveisland.”

Another wrote: “Aww Demi, bless her. That has made my day. That’s the entertainment we want to see.”

A third added: “I just had to rewind my TV to watch Demis fall again.”

However, Demi went from crying with laughter to sad tears after Shaughna confessed she fancied Luke M and wanted to pull him for a chat.

Demi laughed at her own mishap, as did the viewers at home

Sitting in the garden, she said : This is a very uncomfortable conversation for me which is why Im smiling because I feel uncomfortable right now I feel like I want to have a chat with Luke M.

Demi replied: Right OK. Oh God whats made you feel like this?

Shaughna told her getting to know new boy Jamie has helped her decide what she really wants.

The news took Demi by complete surprise
Luke is the most in demand lad in the villa

But it still came as a shock to Demi, who said: I always thought you and him were more like brother and sister.

Rather than backing down, Demi made it clear she’s going to pursue Luke, saying: “I cant make the same mistake I did with Nas. But at the same time I cant help but gravitate towards Luke.

“You do what youve got to do but obviously at the same time Im still going to get to know Luke.

In the Beach Hut, Demi admitted: I just feel like I dont have much luck in here. Ive just got to hope Luke does like me.


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