Love Island’s Jamie Clayton warns summer series wannabes only to sign up ‘if they can handle it’


LOVE Island star Jamie Clayton has shared his advice to budding 2020 islanders, admitting that you will be “caught out” if you are not honest.

Admitting that hopefuls should never make up answers to questions or create false narratives to seem more interesting, the reality star, who appeared on the show towards the end of the 2020 winter series, also hinted at the difficulties after leaving the villa.

Jamie Clayton has shared his advice to budding 2020 islanders

“There is no such thing as a free meal, so please remember that,” said Jamie.

“Although I’ve been out every night since I’ve been home there is no such thing as a free meal I can tell you that.”

He began:  “In terms of my experience, I was approached on Instagram via direct message and was asked to go through the initial application that everyone has to do, it’s just to spark interest, so I did that and got through stage by stage.

“My opinion on that is that there are so many stages in place to make sure that you are being yourself – they are looking for honest, true answers.

“If you try to go in and pretend to be someone else, ie someone who has done well on the show in the past and you think that’s what ITV or Love Island are looking for, don’t bother applying, you will be found out at one point or another.”

Jamie said you will be “caught out” if you are not honest

He said the rewards are incredible but warned there are “no free meals”

Jamie warned against creating a false narrative

Jamie entered the villa towards the end of the winter series

“Be yourself, and answer everything as honestly and truthfully as possible,” he continued, “and make sure, most importantly, the show is for you, ask questions whenever you possibly can.”

The 28-year-old Scot also insisted that potential islanders be honest with themselves if they cannot handle the show: “I could have been amazing for the show but if I found out something about the show that wasn’t for me or if there was something that would come with the show that I couldn’t handle I wouldn’t have gone on it.

“The rewards are amazing, two or so weeks out of the villa and I’ve had an amazing time so far and you can have that but you need to make sure you are able to deal with everything that comes with it.”

He also teased the processes in place by producers before islanders get to the villa, adding: “There are lots of processes in place, and I’ll leave it to you guys – if you’re lucky enough to find out what they are.”

He left with Natalia but has been rumoured to be dating Eve Gale

He had his sights set on Shaughna Phillips at first

Since leaving the villa with Natalia Zoppa, Jamie has been rumoured to have been dating Eve Gale, the first islander to be voted out of the villa.

They were pictured enjoying two dates in Manchester but reps for Eve insisted they were “friends and enjoy sharing their Love Island memories, there is nothing more in this instance”.


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