Love Islands Jess Gale has already met Casa Amors Alexi Ercalides and hes not afraid to step on Mike Boatengs toes


LOVE Island’s Jess Gale has already met Casa Amor bombshell Alexi Ercalides – and he’s not afraid to step on Mike Boateng’s toes.

Tonight Jess upset viewers by kissing Mike in front of love interest Luke M before the pair dramatically split.

Jess Gale already knows one of the boys headed into the villa

After the Islanders voted out Sophie Piper and Wallace Wilson, a teaser revealed Casa Amor will return tomorrow night.

And Jess will recognise a familiar face in the line-up of boys moving into the villa.

Alex is a butler in the buff who admits he doesn’t care who he tramples on to get his way.

“Im ruthless!” he said.

Alexi Ercalides is a butler in the buff

“Im not worried about loyalty, I dont mind stepping on anyones toes. If I want something Im going to go for it, especially if theres a girl Ive got my eyes on.”

“I want someone funny, fit and flirty. Attraction is important to me but also I like someone who is not stuck up or too timid because Im quite outgoing. I want someone to bounce off.”

And it turns out he’s already met one of the Love Island ladies in the outside world.

Revealing he fancies Shaughna and Demi, he added: “Ive met Jess on a night out before, we exchanged Instagrams then we sent a few messages but nothing came of it.

“Itll be interesting to see how we get on when we meet again…”

Jess has dumped Luke M for Mike

Sophie was sent home tonight

Tonight Sophie burst into tears after being forced to leave the villa.

She was voted as the least compatible couple alongside pal Mike – and her fellow Islanders decided her time in the villa was up.

Her love interest Connor Durman vowed to wait for her on the outside – but wasn’t happy when Sophie didn’t follow him out the door.

He told host Laura Whitmore on AfterSun: I will wait for Sophie and see how things pan out but I dont expect her to wait around really.


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