Love Island’s Marcel Somerville had ‘crazy’ reaction to Covid vaccine as he reveals shivers, headaches and five-hour nap


LOVE Island’s Marcel Somerville says he had a “crazy” reaction to the Covid vaccine – as he reveals he conked out for a five-hour nap before getting headaches and shivering.

The new dad, 31, was taken by surprise by the side effects of the jab, which he got early because of his diabetes.

Marcel Somerville experienced side effects from the vaccine

He told fans in a video: “So I’ve literally woken up after five hours, just trying to recover from this vaccine. It’s side-lined me for the whole day.”

His fiancée Rebecca Vieira, 24, shared her experience of sharing a bed with Marcel after he recovered from the vaccine.

“Marcel went and got the Covid vaccine yesterday, and last night, he had the craziest side effects,” said Rebecca.

“He woke me up, shivering. He was literally making the whole bed shake. It was so scary, and then he’s got a headache, he’s all achy everywhere, but the shivers have stopped.

Marcel with his fiancée Rebecca Vieira

“It was literally his whole body, he was trembling. He’s had paracetamol and he’s okay now. It’s crazy!

“If you’ve had the Covid vaccine, let me know which side effects you’d had as he’s not having a good time with it.”

The most common Covid vaccine side effects are flu-like symptoms, tiredness and a headache, according to a safety report published by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

The findings showed people also suffered with arm pain and fever.

She updated fans on Marcel’s condition

They revealed most people had “mild and short lasting” side effects in line with “a normal immune response to vaccines – including a sore arm and fatigue”.

The most frequently reported reactions are injection-site tenderness and pain, headaches, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, fever, chills and nausea.

More than 20 million Brits have now received a Covid jab.

Marcel and Rebecca became proud parents to a baby boy Roman this year

Health secretary Matt Hancock hailed Sun readers for their “amazing job” helping with Jabs Army in the bid to get Brits vaccinated against coronavirus.

Dozens of famous faces, including Vernon Kay, Ross Kemp, and Katie Price have backed HOAR’s campaign to get as many people aiding the NHS as possible.


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