Love Islands Mike Boateng reveals he among cops to deal with Manchester Arena terror attack aftermath


LOVE Island contestant Mike Boateng is used to being in hairy situations in his job as a copper with the Greater Manchester Police.

But the 24-year-old has revealed he was among those brave people in uniform who were called to deal with the Manchester Arena terror bombing in May 2017.

Love Island’s Mike Boateng reveals his role in the clear-up of 2017’s Manchester Arena terror bombing

Talking about the cowardly attack, which left 23 dead, he said: I wasn’t actually first responder, but I did work the days after that so I dealt with the aftermath. It was horrible.

It was more patrolling the areas, making sure make sure everyone’s alright. People had a lot of questions around that time. Obviously, people felt unsafe as well naturally. So it’s kind of just being a presence, just in and around town, especially around that area, just to be a presence.

But the youngster says he has now handed in his badge and baton to take part in the ITV2 show, but that the polices top dog in Manchester says hes welcome back, as long as he behaves himself..

He added: I did resign to come on the show. But luckily I spoke with the chief Ian Hopkins and thank God we’ve got a good relationship. So he has left the door open for me to come back if I do want to come back.

Asked if he was told what he could and couldnt do, he joked: The general consensus: Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t have a domestic.

Mike Boateng, a former Greater Manchester police officer, said: ‘I dealt with the aftermath. It was horrible’

The terror attack in May 2017 claimed the lives of 23 people at an Ariana Grande concert

Callum a copycat

LOVE Island contestant Callum Jones looks the spit of former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas.

But asked if hes ever used the quirk to woo women, the cheeky Manc joked: I like to play along with it and go, Yeah, Im Jason from Coronation Street.

Love Island contestant Callum Jones is a doppelganger of actor Ryan Thomas

Callum joked: ‘I like to play along with it and go, ‘Yeah, Im Jason from Coronation Street’

Ive had Scott Thomas too. I might be the fourth brother just lost somewhere.

Maybe Ill get a role on Corrie…

Goop grief, look at Gwyn

GWYNETH Paltrow looks red-faced after an unusual facial in the preview for a show about her wacky lifestyle brand.

But spare a thought for two of the other women featured on the six-part Netflix series. One is seen with acupuncture pins in her face while the others private parts are literally put under the spotlight.

Gwyneth Paltrow undergoes a painful-looking facial in a show about her brand Goop

The Hollywood star says her brand’s ethos is to ‘milk the s*** out of this life’

In the trailer for The Goop Lab, which hits screens on January 24, the actress, pictured, explains her firms ethos: Were here one time, one life. How can we milk the s**t out of this? Exorcisms and psychedelic drugs are among the therapies explored by Gwyneths company Goop.

And she asks women who run orgasm workshops: What the f*** are you doing to these people? Naked in the room with a bunch of women? I dont know if Id have the guts.

Not one to watch with the parents, Id say.

The Goop Lab preview also features a woman with acupuncture pins covering her face

Is Joe weddy to win?

JOE Swash set viewers tongues wagging by wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring during his Dancing On Ice performance on Sunday night.

However, the former EastEnders actor has previously revealed he wears his late fathers ring to ensure he doesnt lose it before passing it on to his children.

Dancing On Ice viewers were convinced Joe Swash had got secretly married

Stacey Solomon’s partner was wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring

And girlfriend Stacey Solomon had scotched rumours of a secret marriage, saying: I wouldnt keep it a secret. Id be so excited.

After weeks training together, Joe introduced his dance partner Alexandra Schauman to Stacey in an ad break after opening the show.

Alexandra said, Its so lovely to finally meet you, as she hugged Stacey before cooing at the TV hosts third child, earmuff-clad baby Rex.

Their performance to Olly Murs Dance With Me Tonight scored 21.5. Maybe Joe could up his score by proposing to Stacey while on the show…

A Grand spin-off

AFTER James May told me last month he wants to quit The Grand Tour before he gets old, the show is already looking for a replacement.

Executive producer on the Amazon Prime Video favourite, Andy Wilman, says there are plans for spin-off versions, fronted by guest stars instead of the regular trio James, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond.

Andy said: Id love to do a specialised show. The Grand Tour with…say, Brian Johnson from AC/DC.

Hes a car nut. But thats not our call, thats Amazons.


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