Love Islands Molly says she cant be a**ed with Callum after cheating headline revealed in challenge


LOVE Island’s Molly says she “can’t be a**ed” with Callum after his cheating headline was revealed in last night’s challenge.

The 25-year-old beauty was thrown when the headline “Love Island’s Shaughna has lucky escape as Callum is set to cheat on Molly” came up in last night’s show.

Molly lays into Callum tonight after ‘cheating’ headline game
The model was mightily unimpressed by one of last night’s headlines

She pulls him for a chat and tells him: “Ive been cheated on, I cant be a**ed again. If youve had that conversation or anything like that, Id rather you said as I cant be a**ed.”

Callum defends himself instantly saying: “Im telling you, were not all d***heads. I am reassuring you now.”

The 23-year-old Manchester scaffolder chose to couple up with Molly after getting to know her in Casa Amor.

He returned to the main villa and shared an awkward reunion with ex Shaughna, who was left standing by herself after a brutal recoupling.

She looked over fuming after the news line was revealed last night
Callum admitted he found the chat a ‘bit strange’
Shaughna backed the conversation
Love Island has been hit with 377 complaints over the use of this headline about Finn
Paige Turley bit her nails and looked anguished after seeing the words

Callum and Molly have tried to move forward with their relationship, but they found themselves in turmoil when the headline about Callum came up in the game.

Meanwhile Love Island sparked an avalanche of complaints to Ofcom last night as viewers objected to one of the other headlines in the News Splash task.

A staggering 377 people contacted the telly watchdog over the story“Casa Amor cause Callum, Finn and Nas’ heads to turn on tonight’s Love Island”– saying it just wasn’t true.

Ofcom explained that most of the complaints were people saying the headline about Finn was false, while others said so-called ‘fake news’ had been used by producers to stoke up drama.

Finn tries to defend himself – but it cut no ice with his girlfriend
Callum predicted the challenge would spell trouble for some couples

The story sparked instant outrage from Paige Turley, depite her boyfriend Finn Tapp protesting: “The girls can say what I was like.”

Referring to the radio station showbiz site it was from, she replied: “The paper tells me different, Heart tells me different.”

He insisted: “The girls were there” butthe 22-year-old singerreplied: “There was a million cameras and f***ing mics in there. People were watching.”

Speaking later in the Beach Hut, she added: “It’s no secret I’m not the most trusting so this just feels a bit like betrayal.”

She was then seen shaking her head at20-year-old Finn, setting up an argument about the headline that will rumble on in the show tonight.


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