Love Islands Ollie Williams is back together with his ex Laura Nofer after quitting the show for her


LOVE Islands Ollie Williams is back together with the ex-girlfriend he quit the show in the hope of winning back and has vowed to marry her.

The Cornish landowner, 23, called former flame Laura Nofer as soon as he got his phone back to tell her he was still in love with her and had made a huge mistake and she took him back.

Ollie called Laura the second he left the villa

The Viscount-in-waiting rushed straight to see the stunning blonde as soon as his flight landed from South Africa in London.

Posing together for the first time exclusively for The Sun Online, he said: “I now realise that Laura is the girl I want to marry. I’m so grateful she has taken me back. We’re going to move in together in London over the next few months. I can’t wait to start a life with her.”

The pair originally dated for 18months after meeting at Royal Holloway university, but split in September because of distance.

Explaining their reason for splitting in the Autumn, Ollie said: “She was living up in London and I was based in Cornwall, I was driving up to see her, she was getting the train down to see me, so it was costing her a bomb. There was no bad blood, it was just the wrong time for us.

He’s now promised to marry her

“I was twiddling my thumbs and my mates suggested I go on Love Island – it seemed like fun.

“I told her about the show at new year, I wanted her to hear it from me, she wasnt happy and had her suspicions as I had been up and down to London for various different promos for the series. The execs said I had to keep it a secret or I would lose my spot.”

Despite no girls stepping forward for Ollie on the opening episode he coupled up with Lewis Capaldi’s ex girlfriend Paige Turley, 22.

He said: “I obviously didnt want to start dating other girls before Love Island, so Paige was the first girl I got to know. She was lovely and easy to talk to, but it didnt feel right.

The couple are now back on and planning to move to London together
Ollie was paired up with Paige in the Love Island villa

“I suddenly realised I was trying to develop feelings for Paige and my brain was telling me to do it but I knew my heart was elsewhere. It wasnt going to change.

Blonde is my type, but trying to develop romantic feelings for someone else made me realise. I couldnt risk losing the love of my life.

“The girls in there made me realise just how special Laura was to me and unless she had walked through the doors then it wouldnt matter.

“I turned to the producers and said, I dont think I can be here anymore they said to give it 24 hours and my feelings got stronger and they supportive about me leaving.

He was worried Laura would move on with someone else

“Some of the guys were encouraging me to stay in longer because of the endorsement and brand deals, but all the brand deals in the world couldnt buy the love that I felt for Laura. I couldnt possibly risk losing her so I left.”

Ollie walked out of the villa on day three – telling the male housemates, then a very sympathetic Paige, who was left single in the villa.

He told the Beach Hut: “I have to be honest with myself, and everyone, that I do still love someone else

“I have to follow my heart in this scenario and it would be wrong for me to ignore these feelings. At the end of the day, this is Love Island and its about finding love.

Ollie waves goodbye to the villa

“If I carried on anything with Paige, or any other girl that might come into the villa, it wouldnt be fair on them.”

The couple both burst into tears when they were reunited in London at a private location where Ollie has been staying since leaving the show.

He said: “As soon as I landed in the UK I rang Laura to tell her I was deeply in love with her. We were both crying and she was like, ‘Why has it taken it this to realise?’ I asked her straightaway to be my girlfriend again.

“My main worry is that she could be seeing someone else – the longer I left it I felt she could have met another guy. I couldnt risk losing the love of my life.

Ollie walked out of the villa on day three

“I was ready to couple up just not with anyone on the show. I didnt want to waste anyones time.

“My main focus now will be repairing my relationship with the love of the my life.”

Despite admitting to cheating on an ex Ollie is adamant he never cheated on Laura. He said: “I was completely honest with her throughout our relationship, the person I cheated on was before her.”


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