Love Islands Rebecca slams Siannise for swanning around with Luke T but her love rival insists its karma


REBECCA Gormley furiously confronts Luke Trotman in tonight’s Love Island as she accuses him of “swanning around” with Siannise Fudge.

The Geordie lass was left raging last night as Luke T flirted with Siannise, and tonight she finally pulls him to the side for a chat about it.

Rebecca Gormley furiously confronts Luke Trotman in tonight’s Love Island as she accuses him of ‘swanning around’ with Siannise Fudge

Siannise said it’s karma after Rebecca’s feisty start to life in the villa

She says to him: I dont know whats going on. I feel like Im pushed out of the situation. It is clear in a way, I can see you and Sinnise swanning around, so I want to know whats going on.

Luke T replies: Over the past day or two, Ive just probably thought that we have a better connection, me and Sinnise.

Rebecca adds: I can see that. Id prefer to have that little respect from you, for you to be like, I do feel like Ive got a better connection with Sinnise and leave it at that. But I feel like Ive not got that.

Luke T hits back: True, but I feel like Ive only decided over the past day or two.

Last night Rebecca complained she was being treated like a ‘mug’

Meanwhile, Sinnise tells her fellow islanders that Rebecca has had it coming.

She says: I feel like its a bit of karma to be honest with you.

“Im glad I stood my ground and Im glad I vocalised how I felt and Im glad that didnt stop me from getting to know him. If I didnt try, Id have never known.

Yesterday Siannise put herself on a collision course with love rival Rebecca as she stole Luke T from her.

The 25-year-old beauty consultant made her move on the lad, saying: “There’s no reason I can’t be open to getting to know you.”

Siannise was shown flirting outrageously with Luke Trotman

Football Luke, 22, then leant towards her with a smile and said: “Precisely.”

It delighted Siannise, who was seen with raised eyebrows and an enormous smile on her face.

Later, Luke admitted he was ready to settle down with her, explaining he wished he hadn’t been picked for a date with new girl Demi.

He told her: “Its just bad timing. I was sort of ready to make a decision, just to sort of let Rebecca know that I was leaning more towards you.

The pair grabbed a quiet moment for some flirting on the balcony
Luke made it clear he is very open to her advances

“Im ready to give 100 per cent to one person.

However, Rebecca was far from happy, complaining to Leanne Amaning: “When you talk to her, it’s all girl code this, girl code that.”

Speaking in the Beach Hut, she added: “I feel like I’m being taken for a mug.”

Rebecca shocked Love Island viewers when she chose to couple up with Luke T – right after kissing Connagh Howard.

Leanne was seen listening to Rebecca’s woes over the situation
The Geordie girl later kicked off about the situation in the Beach Hut

However, that didn’t deter Siannise from chatting to him.

It was the second time Geordie lass Rebecca has nabbed the Bristol beauty’s man, first derailing a romance with Connagh then bagging Luke.

She fumed: “It’s literally a kick in the teeth. She’s gone behind my back. There’s no loyalty there.”



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