Love Island’s Scott Thomas’s amazing body transformation after losing over a stone by ‘treating lockdown like boot camp’


FOR Scott Thomas, 2020 was always going to be a life-changing year – whether there was a global pandemic or not.

He’s gone from making a living out of being a party boy to being in the best shape of his life – and has even dreamt up a business to help others transform their lives too.

Scott Thomas has transformed his body on 2,800 calories a day

In an exclusive interview with HOAR, the Love Island 2016 star says he treated lockdown like bootcamp to focus his mind and body on becoming the “best version of himself” – and now he feels “unstoppable”.

Together with his best friend Eden Thomas, who he’s known since primary school, Scott has launched Food4Thoughts – a business dedicated to finding a bespoke way to achieving body or weight loss goals.

Scott insists the passion project had nothing to do with making money. Instead, it followed a personal journey he’s been on since bravely opening up about his struggle with alcohol.

After vowing to go sober for the whole of 2020, Scott turned to his nutritionist pal Eden to learn about calorie counting and macros and ended up losing over a stone on 2,800 calories a day since April.

Scott shared how far he’s come in 2020

Scott is now in the best shape of his life

“Without sounding insensitive, lockdown was the best thing that happened to me,” Scott told HOAR.

“I was in a period where I was saying no to going out and staying away from certain friends.

‘It was definitely an element of leaving something behind – the so-called “Scotty special” who I used to be – but I much prefer the Scott who I am now.

“I kind of knew who I was, but I wanted other people to know who I could really be. I would say I’ve changed into the best version of myself.

Scott with his childhood friend and business partner Eden Thomas
This week they launched Food4Thoughts

“I was saying to Spencer Matthews [former Made in Chelsea star], we didn’t stop drinking because we were alcoholics, we stopped drinking because we wanted to operate at our best.

“Now I’m addicted to self development. Every single day I’m trying to better myself, through business and fitness. It has led me to great things now like Food4Thoughts.”

The 31-year-old is known for being one of the three famous Thomas brothers.

Older brother Ryan is a former Coronation Street actor who went on to win Celebrity Big Brother, while Scott’s twin Adam starred on Emmerdale before launching his own cafe bar & lounge in Manchester called The Spinn.

Scott admitted he would get so drunk that he got thrown out of his own parties

The trio starred in hit ITV show Absolutely India: Mancs In Mumbai with his brothers and dad Dougie James.

Meanwhile Scott remains as a director of PR agency, The Social PR, and now hopes to help others achieve their potential with Food4Thoughts.

“Being in shape and looking your best affects your mental health and how you feel on a day to day basis,” said Scott.

His health journey has helped Scott reach his full potential

“I know the importance of exercise and how it makes you feel good and give you confidence. I don’t want to lose that.

“That’s what I love about this business because it gives us a reason to stay like this, so we can be an example to others.”

Explaining more about Food4Thought’s “winning formula”, Eden said: “I saw Scott struggling and saw him saying the mistakes I was making.

Eden revealed his ‘before’ transformation

Scott’s childhood friend showed off his new look

“His diet wasn’t quite there and I tried to explain to him about the calorie deficit.

“He created a diet plan that suited him and once he saw the results coming, that’s when he started to believe the process.

“Some people eat loads of healthy food but it’s still too much food, that’s not the way.”

This year marked ten years since Eden finished his chemotherapy treatment following a four-year battle with leukaemia.

The men want to help others after transforming their bodies

He says their business venture isn’t about vanity – but about beating the obesity crisis that doubles the risk of needing hospital treatment for coronavirus.

“Health is a big part of this – and self esteem, mental health and feeling good about yourself,” Eden added.

Scott added: “What Eden taught me blew my mind. I can eat all my favourite foods and put them into the right portions and still achieve the shredded look I want.

“Eating well and living well has a massive impact on your health and it’s about people thinking how they are going to feel ten years from now.”

Food4Thoughts offers bespoke nutrition plans with a personal touch and guidance to help people achieve their goals. Find out more here.


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