Millionaire Molly-Mae Hague apologises to fans for saying renting is a ‘complete waste of money’ in Q&A


MILLIONAIRE Molly-Mae Hague has been forced to apologise to fans for saying renting is a “complete waste of money”.

The Love Island star was slammed as “miss money bags” for saying it wasn’t her and Tommy’s plan to fork out cash to a landlord each month.

Molly-Mae Hague came under fire for her comments about renting

The 21-year-old explained why renting isn’t in her plan

Instead the reality TV couple have spent the past year looking for their dream home to purchase.

After being asked how their house hunt is going during an Instagram Q&A, Molly said: “Not so great. We’ve been looking for a year now and still yet to find the right place.

“I know it’s all for a reason though. We are clearly being held off because the perfect house isn’t out there yet.

“I’m so happy here though I’d love to stay here for a long time and make it our own, but that’s not the plan. Renting is a complete waste of money.”

She was forced to defend her comments

She says her and Tommy want to build their dream home

But a troll hit back saying “some of have to rent fff”.

Molly replied: “If you’re renting then go you? What a bloody achievement to be able to pay your rent each month I think.

“I was paying my own rent at 18 and was proud AF to be doing that.

“Renting and buying are both huge achievements.”

She added: “I swear people take offence if I sneeze at the moment.”

Recently Molly came under fire over claims she “fixed” the winner of her £8,000 Louis Vuitton giveaway.

The 21-year-old was forced to defend how she chose between the two million people who entered her competition to celebrate reaching one million subscribers on YouTube.

She was also accused of flouting lockdown tier two rules with her close friend Maura Higgins at the weekend.


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