Olly Murs admits he ‘hurts every day’ without Caroline Flack and says there’s a ‘massive hole in his life’ without her


OLLY Murs has revealed he’s “hurting every day” without his close friend Caroline Flack.

The 36-year-old popstar opened up on his daily struggle since her tragic suicide and says it left a “massive hole in his life”.

Olly Murs says he ‘hurts every day’ since Caroline Flack’s death

X Factor runner-up Olly worked alongside Caroline when the pair hosted the show together in 2015.

Speaking on Vicky Pattison’s podcast The Lighter Side of Life, Olly said: “For caz not to be here anymore is hard, it’s difficult.

“I am still struggling.

“It hurts every day thinking about what she must have gone through.”

Olly, 36, was great friends with Caroline

They worked on The X Factor together from 2011

The popular Love Island presenter was facing trial for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend Lewis Burton.

Despite battling to clear her name, Caroline was told the day before her death that charges were being pursued by the Crown Prosecution Service.

At the star’s inquest into her death, a lawyer for the CPS said pushing Caroline’s assault charge was “not in the public interest”.

Prosecutor Alison Wright insisted Caroline’s age and the fact she had no domestic violence history or previous convictions meant she should have just been cautioned.

The 40-year-old Love Island presenter took her own life

Caroline was found dead at her London home on February 15, having taken her own life.

As Olly works through his grief, he has been listening back to voice notes from Caroline on WhatsApp to hear her famous laugh again.

She had described feeling like she’d met her soulmate when she was first introduced to the singer and the pair quickly formed an unbreakable bond.

They went on to host Xtra Factor together and fuelled romance rumours with their flirty behaviour on and off-screen.

The pair had a flirty friendship

Olly has been recalling his favourite memories of her

In an interview last year, Caroline said: “I have never laughed as much as I did in 2011 when we first hosted The X Factor and that experience will stay with me forever.”

Olly said: “For her to have written that about me last year gives me some comfort. I had a big impact on her life and I was a big person in her life.

 “That time we had together was one of her happiest moments and it makes me happy that we were both so happy at that point.”

Although they didn’t speak every day, the late 40-year-old is never far from Olly’s thoughts now she is gone.

He hopes they’ll be reunited in the afterlife to share more happy memories.

Olly believes they’ll meet again in the afterlife

“It’s mad losing someone you care about,” said Olly.

“There is a massive hole in my life without Caz in it. I think about her most days.

“I miss those moments of crazy stories – we would have the most random conversations about the most random things.

They worked alongside Simon Cowell on The X Factor

“I am going to miss that forever.

“It breaks my heart what happened. I love her.

“I know I will see her again at some point so I look forward to that day.”


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