Rochelle Humes OTHER identical sister Lili Piper spotted leaving Love Island Aftersun with Sophie


ROCHELLE Humes’ OTHER identical sister Lili Piper spotted leaving Love Island Aftersun with Sophie.

Sophie appeared on the ITV spin-off show after being kicked out in the brutal recoupling on Sunday night.

Lili Piper spotted leaving Aftersun

She was joined by her third sister Lili – who looks almost identical to Rochelle and Sophie.

Lili was smiling as they left, wearing a leopard print mini dress with a black leather jacket.

The sister completed the look with a black handbag and boots.

Lili only met with Rochelle and Sophie for the first time last year after being separated for 23 years.

She looks identical to her sisters
Lili, Sophie and Rochelle hanging out together

Rochelle and Sophie were raised by their mother and famous footballer uncle Paul Ince.

They were only reunited when Rochelle’s This Morning co-star Kem Cetinay asked her to meet with Lili.

Rochelle explained on Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast: “He was chatting away and said, I got to talk to you… as soon as I became a celeb, I promised my friend Lili that I would talk to you as she’s your sister on your dad’s side.

I knew of her and met up with her when I was five, but it was so complicated as they were a lot younger and my dad wasn’t involved.

Rochelle went on holiday to Dubai with sister Lili last year

She continued:She WhatsApped me and I didn’t reply till the morning. We planned to go out for dinner with my other sister and brother and I made Marvin come with me because I was so scared.

We are literally the same people, Marvin was like, OMG, there’s more of you.

“We’ve spoken every day since – Jeremy Kyle style. It’s like we’ve known each other all our lives.

Meanwhile, fans were left cringing when Sophie reunited with Connor Durman for the first time since she failed to leave the villa with him.

Sophie and Connor on Love Island
Fans thought their reunion was awkward

The pair awkwardly kissed on the cheek as they were reunited a week after thecoffee bean salesmantook a swipe at his girl for staying in the villa when he got the boot.

They giggled their way through the interview with Laura Whitmore on Aftersun and were very touchy-feely but fans of the show weren’t convinced.

“That was so cringe!” one tweeted.

“Other than the obvious something is very off about Sophie and teeth,” another added.

But the pair seem determined to stay together, and Sophie asked him: “Are you gonna take me on a date?”
“I am,” he answered, but revealed he still doesn’t have her phone number.


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