Shaughna Phillips reveals terrifying moment she found a lump in her breast just months after her dad died of cancer


SHAUGHNA Phillips has revealed she suffered a secret breast cancer scare just months after her dad died from pancreatic cancer.

The Love Island star, 26, feared she would also die from the deadly disease which had killed her beloved dad Eddie just six months earlier.

Shaughna Phillips had a breast cancer scare six months after her dad passed away

Shaughna will skate naked in tonight’s The Real Full Monty On Ice in memory of black cabbie Eddie, who died exactly four years ago today (14 December).

But what viewers don’t know is that Shaughna also feared for her own life during her own cancer scare. 

In our exclusive interview the reality TV favourite said: “I had my boobs uplifted in June 2017 and two weeks before the operation I felt a lump in my boob. 

“It was only six months after my dad had died from cancer so I remember thinking how on earth am I going to tell my mum who had just buried her husband that I had now found a lump. 

Shaughna paid tribute to her beloved dad on Instagram earlier today for the anniversary of his death

The Love Island star worried how she’d tell her mum about the lump because she’d lost her husband six months previous

“You instantly think the worst. I was terrified but I was honestly more scared for my mum than I was for myself.

“It again put everything into perspective because I went from worrying about what my boobs would look like after surgery to worrying if I had cancer. 

“It was my mum who kept me together because she was so calm.

“I went to the doctors the next day with my mum and they said it was a blocked milk duct and my mum burst into tears.”

Shaughna pictured with her mum Tracy

Shaughna with her late dad, mum and brother Callum at her graduation

Earlier this week we told how Shaughna was left with blood pouring down her legs during rehearsals for the TV special.

The star had only recently undergone surgery to drain over two litres of fat from her calves after being diagnosed with lipoedema.

Shaughna will appear on ITV tonight alongside fellow Love Island star Chris Hughes, former X Factor star Jake Quickenden and last year’s Dancing On Ice runner-up Perri Kiely. 

Speaking in detail about her dad’s death for the first time she said: “The whole experience was devastating for the whole family. 

Shaughna admitted that her loss has changed her life forever

The beauty has a tribute tattoo to her late dad

Shaughna rose to fame on the first ever series of Winter Love Island at the start of the year

“He was ill for 18 months and it changed all our lives forever. We are still recovering now to be honest.

“Even though it was hard I do try to take positives from it. 

“It really brought home that money can’t make you happy or solve your problems and you have to appreciate everything you have in life.

“It happened just before Christmas and I remember thinking on Christmas Day I could have all the gifts in the world and a billion pounds but it wouldn’t make me feel any better.

The reality star will be back on our screens tonight for ITV’s The Real Full Monty

“You can’t buy happiness. 

“I could be a millionaire and buy my mum anything but I wouldn’t be able to give her my dad back or fill the void he left. 

“It really made me appreciate time with people rather than possessions.” 

The Real Full Monty On Ice airs on ITV1 tonight and tomorrow at 9pm.


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