Zara McDermott admits being ‘skinny-shamed’ was ‘tough’ to handle as she reveals 2st weight loss made her more confident


EVER since arriving on our screens as a Love Island bombshell, Zara McDermott has been unstoppable.

At the tender age of 23, Zara has launched a music career after Celebrity X Factor, become a Made in Chelsea regular and been signed as a model.

Zara McDermott is embarking on her latest venture, A Day With Zara

And on top of all that she’s become an entrepreneur who is releasing her own health and fitness programme this month after losing two stone and dropping to a size six.

In an exclusive interview with HOAR, Zara reveals how she struggled to adapt to her body changing as she grew older – and is feeling more confident than ever after transforming her lifestyle.

“When I look in the mirror now, I feel accomplished,” Zara told us.

“It started as a way of adapting to getting older when I suddenly realised I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted anymore.

The 23-year-old has lost two stone in 12 months

“I had a lot of people being like ‘you didn’t need to lose weight, you were fine before’, but that is frustrating.

“The ‘before’ me is me not at my best – no exercise and eating anything I wanted.

“Now when I run, I’m not out of breath. Alongside the physical change in the mirror, it’s knowing you are fit and healthy on the inside that is really comforting.”

At 5ft 6ins, Zara has gone from weighing 10st 7lbs at a size ten in July 2019 to 8st 9lbs after dropping to a size 6.

She was trolled over this mirror selfie

Zara has transformed her body in 12 months

She says she feels ‘accomplished’ when she looks in the mirror

Zara overhauled diet and stepped up her exercise to change her look

Her body transformation inspired A Day With Zara – where she is releasing vlogs revealing what she eats and how she exercises on a daily basis.

But Zara was left “hurt and confused” when she was trolled by skinny-shamers for being “too thin” as she revealed her new toned look in a mirror selfie.

“I do find it very tough,” admitted Zara.

“I believe I’m trying to help and encourage people. I’m not trying to sell anyone some kind of fitness plan. I find it hard to watch people comment negatively on that. 

“It’s crazy that we live in a society that a woman’s body can wind people up so much and that people obsess over it.

“There’s nothing sinister going on here, I’m just a young girl who has gone through a lot in the past year and is trying to share her journey through fitness and health. It can be frustrating when people comment negatively on that.”

Zara is excited to show fans new recipes and reveal her fitness secrets

She added: “For me, being obsessed with the scales is not good. I am not someone who would deprive themselves.

“I enjoy everything in moderation. If I wanted a steak bake, I would get it. It’s about moderation, balance and being mindful.”

As part of Zara’s passion project, A Day With Zara – she’ll be sharing recipes with fans after discovering her talent in the kitchen.

She added: “I have loved cooking my whole life, but this has allowed me to unleash myself in the kitchen and have so much fun creating fun recipes that are high in protein and super healthy.

“I think this needs to be in everybody’s life. We are releasing this hub where I’ll be sharing my favourite meals, recipes and snack ideas for people that have changed my life.

The former Love Island star is unstoppable after two years in showbiz

“I’m such a foodie and I think some people see a fitness journey as giving up on the foods that they love.

“I want to show people that you don’t have to do that, you can have so much fun in the kitchen. You can have fun with it and feel healthy on the inside. I’m so excited for it to launch.”

A Day With Zara officially launches at 7pm on August 28 and will cost £7.99 a month.


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