Amazon’s excess packaging for everyday items – from washing gel to vitamins


AMAZON deserves a wrap across the knuckles . . . for its excessive packaging.

We told on Saturday how Herts lollipop lady Klara Remmington was shocked when a single pillow was sent in enough packaging to make an entire bed.

Shoppers have been calling out Amazon for its use of excess packaging

Klara Remmington received enough cardboard to make an entire bed after ordering a single pillow

And PM Boris Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds tweeted that she was “dismayed” by all the plastic that came with gear she bought for baby Wilfred.

Yet nine in ten of us shop with Amazon and 15million subscribe to its Prime delivery service.

Laura Stott ordered a selection of everyday items from the online giant and rated each out of ten for economy of packaging.

Hair conditioner

One bottle of hair conditioner came in three plastic wrappings

L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths, 250ml, £4:

1 x plastic envelope (15in x 12in)

1 x plastic bag

1 x sheet plastic bubble wrap

Waste rating: 8

Washing gel

Washing gel was packaged the most economically, as it came in just a box and bubble wrap

Fairy Non-Bio, 24 washes, £7.50:

Cardboard box (7in x 10in)

1 x sheet extra-large plastic bubble wrap

Waste rating: 6

Baking tray

Shoppers ordering a baking tray can expect it to come with a fair amount of packaging

Enamel dish, 32cm, £9.99:

Cardboard box (12in x 15in)

1 x thin plastic wrap

2 x sheets large plastic bubble wrap

Waste rating: 7


A box of multivitamins comes in a small box with one sheet of plastic wrap

Sanatogen Complete, 90 tablets, £9.71:

Cardboard box (5in x 6in)

1 x sheet small plastic bubble wrap

Waste rating: 7

Plastic bottle

A single water bottle came in quite a large box

Sports drink container, 800ml, £3.99:

Cardboard box (10in x 14in)

4 x sheets of brown paper stuffing

Waste rating: 8

Small bowl

A small bowl was one of the worst offenders, as it came with plastic wrapping and paper stuffing

Snack holder (4in x 2in deep) £4:

Cardboard box (9in x 12in)

2 x sheets brown paper stuffing

1 x sheet plastic bubble wrap

Waste rating: 9

Sun spray

A bottle of sun spray came with three sheets of plastic bubble wrap

Ambre Solaire SPF15, 200ml £6.25:

Cardboard box (6.5in x 8in)

1 x sheet small plastic bubble wrap

2 x sheets large plastic bubble wrap

Waste rating: 7

Cup and saucer

A cup and saucer had the highest rating, as it came with extra boxes

Coffee Studio, 275ml, £15:

Cardboard boxes (10in x 14in; 7in x 7in; 7.5in x 12in)

1 x brown paper bag and paper stuffing

1 x sheet small plastic bubble wrap

Waste rating: 10

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