Care sector has 20,000 jobs on offer as airline & shop staff urged to retrain


CHRISTMAS is a time for caring, so this month we will give you details on jobs available in the sector.

While 2020 has been tough, it has shone a light on vital work carried out by 1.5million paid carers.

The care sector is rewarding and offers in-house training

Starting pay is often low, but roles offer flexible hours and job security. Many positions do not require set qualifications and you will get in-house training. Right now, the UK has more than 20,000 care vacancies. 

Here are just a few.

HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE has 7,400 jobs, of which 600 are for live-in care-givers. Email [email protected] or visit

FOUR SEASONS HEALTHCARE is hiring 1,000 recruits for care home roles in England and Scotland. Visit

ANCHOR HANOVER has 200 jobs including care, catering, housekeeping and management. See

BUPA CARE HOMES needs 200 workers including chefs, kitchen staff, activities co-ordinators, nurses and carers, home managers, housekeeping and receptionists. Visit

There are 38 roles with HOUSING 21, providing care in sheltered schemes. See

Charity MHA’s recruiting 250 care assistants, senior care assistants, nurses and home managers. Visit 


BLUEBIRD CARE has 500 jobs at while HELPING HANDS HOME CARE has another 500 at


ORBIS EDUCATION & CARE is taking on support workers. See

Rewarding role helping most vulnerable 

COULD you look after society’s most vulnerable? There are vacancies for special carers helping children and adults with learning disabilities.

CASCADE CARE needs 20 workers and team managers. Email a CV to [email protected] by December 23.

The AFFINITY TRUST wants 90 support workers, specialist key workers, team leaders and support managers. Apply at

ACTIVE CARE GROUP has 185 jobs for care managers, HR staff and finance specialists. See 

SALUTEM CARE & EDUCATION needs 125 people, including therapeutic support workers, team leaders and nurses. Email [email protected]

Or help beat the loneliness crisis by working as a live-in carer. The work involves lodging with an elderly person who needs support.

Julie Riddell, 55, of Tonbridge in Kent, works for CONSULTUS CARE & NURSING. She says: “There are so many rewarding parts of the job but it really boils down to the basics: Being a friend and helping. I’ll ask my client what they’d like to do to ensure we’re making the most of the day. There is nothing better than helping put a smile on a client’s face. Live-in care gives you flexibility and you can choose how long you work for.”

Carers can earn from £650 to £945 a week depending on hours and holidays. Call 01732 355231 or email [email protected]


THERE are hundreds of jobs for carers and managers in the Surrey area on new portal

How to mind the age gap

A CAREER in care could mean you are in charge of staff much older than yourself.

Denise Richardson, of, says: “Being a younger manager can be challenging at the best of times – but it doesn’t have to be daunting.”

Here are her top tips on how to manage that age gap.

  1. Value their experience and see them as mentors. Many mature employees are enthusiastic to give back in the form of training and mentoring. They will respect a no-ego approach and your readiness to learn from their expertise.
  2. Be humble and understand how they like to communicate. They will have set ways of working that have been established over many years, so pay attention to their needs too.
  1. Do not let “imposter syndrome” take hold. You deserve to be there – and are the leader for a reason. Never doubt your ability or skills, whatever the age difference.
  2. Give them autonomy and trust them to do their jobs. You must learn to tailor your management style to the motivations of older employees, even if it doesn’t gel with your style. 
  3. Don’t lose sight of the end goal and fail to make the tough decisions. You have been hired for a reason – you are good at what you do! Respect your colleagues and learn from them. But if they are not delivering, make the big calls as needed.

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