Coronavirus jobs armageddon hits with 12k jobs ‘lost’ in a DAY from businesses including Upper Crust, Airbus and EasyJet


THOUSANDS of jobs have been “axed” in the past 24-hours as businesses fight to survive after the coronavirus lockdown.

More than 12,000 jobs have been put at risk since yesterday from firms including Upper Crust, easyJet and Airbus as they look to cut back overheads.

EasyJet is to axe 4,500 jobs when it closes its Stanstead, Southend and Newcastle hubs

Shocking stats from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that at least 600,000 workers have lost their jobs already as a result of the pandemic lockdown.

Experts predict that it’s going to get worse with up to two million workers expected to become unemployed over the next few months as the true impact of the Covid-19 outbreak is revealed.

Many firms which survive the lockdown have been forced to slash their workforces to remain viable.

SSP Group announced up to 5,000 jobs were at risk at its hospitality brands Upper Crust and Caffe Ritazza as the restaurant industry looks to reopen on Saturday but under restricted circumstances.

Up to 5,000 jobs are at risk at Upper Crust and Caffe Ritazza owners SSP Group has announced

TM Lewis is to close all 66 of its UK shops putting 600 jobs at risk

The group employs 9,000 workers during peak season but it doesn’t expect sales to recover as footfall at airports, train stations and motorway service stations is still far below pre-lockdown levels.

Yesterday, easyJet said it was to close its hubs at Standsted, Southend and Newcastle airports in another blow to the travel industry.

The devastating move will see 4,500 airline workers lose their jobs, while it admitted that the rest of its UK network is “under review”.

Pilots union BALPA said 727 cockpit crew faced the axe – around one in three of easyJet’s 2,300 pilots in the UK.

On Tuesday, Airbus also said it will slash 1,700 jobs in the UK and 15,000 jobs worldwide.

Airbus has two factories in the UK, one in Broughton in north Wales, where wings are manufactured, and another factory at Filton in Bristol which is where cuts will take place.

It expects to make these cuts by summer 2021, but hopes the majority of redundancies will be voluntary or through early retirement of staff.

Around 600 TM Lewin workers are to lose their jobs after the shirt-maker announced this morning that it will close all 66 of its UK shops.

Harveys collapsed into administration yesterday with the immediate loss of 240 jobs, putting another 1,300 employees at risk of losing theirs too.

Estimates by Unite union reckon that up to a third of the UK’s 3.2million hospitality jobs could be slashed as punters work out new ways of socialising in a world infected by coronavirus.

The Treasury forecasts 10 per cent unemployment and company closures when his furlough scheme finally comes to and end in the autumn.

In response to a question by HOAR at a Downing Street briefing last month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that “there will tragically be many, many job losses.

“That is just inevitable because of the effect of the virus on the economy and the shut down that has taken place,” he said.

“We will be as activist and interventionist as we have been throughout the lockdown.”

If you’re one of the unlucky workers already laid off, HOAR is here to help.

Hundreds of jobs have also been created as a result of the coronavirus, particularly among delivery drivers, warehouse workers and supermarket assistants.

From Primark to Tesco, to a career in the care industry, we’ve rounded up 50 jobs that you can apply for right now.

Here’s how to boost your CV as 50 people chase every job in coronavirus-stricken areas.


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