How to flavour your own gin at home – from fruity and floral to spicy


SIP, sip, hooray! The hot weather has had me me in the mood for a G&T.

But rather than splash out on a fancy gin, I spoke to Alysia Vasey, of Yorkshire Foragers Produce, about how to flavour my own at home.

Alysia Vasey, of Yorkshire Foragers Produce, gives her easy recipes so you can flavour your own gin at home

She recommends a bottle of London dry gin, £11 for 70cl at Morrisons, as a base for these recipes of hers . . . 

The spicy one: Pick your favourite spices — such as fresh nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cardamon, fennel seeds, pink peppercorns, dried lemon or orange zest.

Put them into a piece of muslin cloth and tie it up tightly.

Pop this into a large kilner jar and top up with your gin.

Give the jar a shake every day for around three weeks.

My tip: Save 35p on Schwartz spices and seasonings at Tesco.

The home-grown one: Pick rose petals, rinse and dry them and put them into your kilner jar with 1 tbsp of white sugar and leave for a month.

This will need straining when ready.

Add a drop of red food colouring.

My tip: Grab red food colouring for 79p at Asda — cheaper than the £1 colouring at Sainsbury’s.

The fruity one: Pop three herbal-infusion tea bags of any flavour into the kilner jar with the gin.

Shake and leave them to do their magic until you enjoy the taste.

I particularly like Twinings’ cranberry and raspberry tea bags.

My tip: A box of 20 Twinings cranberry and raspberry tea bags is on offer for £1.50 at Sainsbury’s.

But if you head to Aldi, you can get 40 fruit berries tea bags for just 75p.

The burnt one: Take three firm oranges and slice thickly.

Then carefully use a hot griddle pan to burn the orange slices on one side only.

Pop them into a Kilner jar followed by 1 tbsp of soft brown sugar and your plain gin.

Leave to infuse for a week or so.

My tip: You can buy three individual oranges for 35p each at Tesco — far cheaper than buying a pack of four Jaffa oranges for £2.

  • To find out more about Alysia and her delicious recipes, check out her book The Yorkshire Forager (£20, Headline).

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