McDonald’s fans can get 30% off EVERYTHING on its menu from tomorrow


MCDONALD’S is launching a mega 30% off sale through its app starting tomorrow, and it includes all items on the menu.

The deal means Maccies fans can get money off everything from Big Macs to McMuffins, to milkshakes and other sweet treats. 

A Big Mac will typically be reduced from £3.19 to £2.24

Prices do vary between branches, but to give you an example, a Big Mac will typically be reduced from £3.19 to £2.24 – a saving of 95p. 

A Chicken Legend will be £2.72 rather than £3.89, and a milkshake will go from £1.79 to £1.26.

A four Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal will be cut to £1.74 from £2.49.

For breakfast fans, you’ll be able to pick up a single egg and cheese McMuffin from £1.54 instead of £2.19.

You’ll be able to pick up a milkshake from £1.79 to £1.26

The 30% off deal will start tomorrow, March 23, and will run for two weeks – although you can only use the offer once.

It does run longer than other app discounts though – which usually only last one day – and it means you can choose which day you fancy your Maccies fix.

The offer will only be available for new and existing users of the My McDonald’s app.

The app is free to download to your smartphone via the App Store or Google Play, but you’ll also need to register an account with your email address to see the offers.

Keep in mind this means you’re agreeing for the restaurant chain to send you marketing messages.

To get the money off, you’ll need to click on the 30% off offer in the “deals” section of the app before adding food to your basket.

You’ll then need to choose which restaurant you’ll pick up your food from, and if you’ll use a drive-thru or walk-in collection.

McDonald’s restaurants remain closed for eat-in diners due to coronavirus restrictions. 

The deal doesn’t apply to delivery orders – which are placed through Just Eat or Uber Eats – or nuggets that are ordered from a till inside McDonald’s.

If you’re tempted, McDonald’s has around 1,300 restaurants in the UK.

You can use its restaurant’s store locator tool on its website to find your nearest branch.

The offer is part of McDonald’s week of deals through its app, which has so far included 99p Quarter Pounders and £15 worth of food for just £10.

Today you can get 99p chicken McNuggets.

In its latest menu update McDonald’s has brought back its Grand Big Mac and Homestyle Crispy Chicken burger.

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