Sainsbury’s promises to match Aldi on prices for hundreds of products


SAINSBURY’S has gone head-to-head with Aldi by pledging to match the discount supermarket on hundreds of foods and household staples.

Supermarkets have seen increased demand this year as shoppers rely on them to supply groceries during the pandemic, which has put pricing and service to the test.

Sainsbury’s is looking to lure customers from Aldi

German-owned supermarket chain Aldi is often ranked among the cheapest food brands and it even has a bargain hour where food prices are slashed by 75%.

This could threaten Sainsbury’s large market share and it has now launched a price war by committing to match around 250 equivalent Aldi products.

Reductions include a 225g 21-day matured rump steak that has been cut from £2.50 to £2.32 and 1kg chicken breast fillets that have been reduced from £5 to £4.79.

An equivalent 195g 21-day matured rump steak at Aldi is currently 7p more expensive at £2.39.

Its chicken breast fillets are the same price as Sainsbury’s at £4.79.

Shoppers can also get a bag of Sainsbury’s plain flour for 45p, which has been reduced from 80p. This is the same as Aldi.

Simon Roberts, chief executive of Sainsbury’s, said the supermarket was determined to help customers save money during these tough times.

He said: “Our new commitment to match Aldi prices on hundreds of our most popular products will mean our customers can be confident that they are getting the quality they expect from Sainsbury’s at great prices.”

It comes after Tesco launched a price war with Aldi last year, which promises to match Aldi on hundreds of cupboard staples.

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