Universal Credit login: How to sign in to their website and what are the benefits?


UNIVERSAL credit is the controversial welfare scheme, which aims the simplify benefits for people in the UK.

The digital system is managed online, including new applications and how to check your claim if you’re already on Universal Credit.

The government has introduced online Universal Credit accounts to make it easier to track your claim

Here’s how to log into your online journal and the pros of checking your online claims account:

How do you log in to Universal Credit?

You can see your Universal Credit account online by logging into your account on GOV.UK. It’s called an Online Journal.

Users need their username and password to log in – it’s the same one you will have had to set up when you first applied for benefits.

The website will give you a reminder if you’re not sure of the details.

If you have an online Universal Credit account, you can also sign in with GOV.UK Verify

If you’re still struggling, try calling the Universal Credit Helpline on 0800 328 5644 (Textphone: 0800 328 1344).

You can also get it contact via NGT text relay on 18001 then 0800 328 5644.

There’s a Welsh language helpline available on 0800 328 1744

What are the benefits to having an online account?

Having an Online Journal allows you to apply for an advance on your first payment, which can help plug the five-week wait between applying and receiving the benefit.

The service also allows you to see your statement, report a change in circumstances, add a note to your to-do list and find out when your next payment will be.

The page will also contain your Claimant Commitment which is what you agree to in order to access the benefit.

You may be able to use the Universal Credit online service to:

  • Make a claim
  • Join your partner’s claim

How to know if you need Universal Credit?

The government initiative combines payments for a number of benefits into one monthly amount.

It replaces: Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit, Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Working Tax Credit.

People who are already receiving these benefits will be rolled onto the new system between now and 2024.

If the Department for Work and Pensions contacts you to say you are being moved over, you should also set up the digital account.

The payment is made up of a standard allowance and any extra amounts that apply to you, for example if you:

  • have children
  • have a disability or health condition which prevents you from working
  • need help paying your rent

You can use a benefits calculator to see how much you could get.

Find out more about what Universal Credit is and whether you might be eligible for a claim.

The more you earn the less you’ll get, because of the taper system – here’s how it works.

Universal Credit claimants often struggle with the five-week wait for payments, but now you can get an advance.

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