We sampled seven vanilla ice creams to give Brits the scoop on which are the tastiest


VANILLA is a thriller when it comes to ice-cream.

Despite the huge array of other flavours to savour, the traditional taste is a cool winner.

We sampled seven vanilla ice creams to give Brits the scoop on which are the tastiest

A whopping 84 per cent of us picked it as our favourite in a recent poll, with mint choc and chocolate in second and third place.

And the good news is you don’t need to pay a fortune to enjoy the great taste.

So when it comes to budget vanilla ice-creams, which have it licked?

Here, Laura Stott samples seven freezer aisle offerings, with a verdict out of five.

Carte D’Or

Carte D’Or Les Classiques, 1L, £3.50 from Morrisons

This ­luxury-brand pricey tub is made by ice-cream legends Wall’s and pits itself as more of a ­premium frozen desert.

Very smooth and creamy, generously flecked with real black vanilla – a strong, authentic flavour runs evenly through every spoonful.

It contains no cream and like all the options I tasted, is made mostly from milk, which might explain why despite its rich look, it tastes surprisingly light.

A classic and distinctive ice-cream taste with a true vanilla hit. But for the price I was expecting more.



Co-op, 900ml, £2.25 from Co-op

Another ice-cream made from milk, this was a much more distinctive pale-cream colour in the tub, with a thicker, richer texture than some other brands and flecks of real vanilla running through it.

I could taste the ground pods and liked the posh design of the tub with its peaked swirls across the top.

Nice flavour and I could cheerfully eat a whole bowl of it without the taste ­getting too sickly.

But it is in the higher price range for a supermarket own-brand dessert, so the taste needs to be good.



Iceland Made In Italy, 900ml, £1.75 from Iceland

Impressive appearance with an array of fancy swirls just begging you to dig in and scoff it straight from the tub. And the taste is great too.

Slightly softer and smoother than some of the others, this gave me a ­fluffier, Mr Whippy-style melt-in-the-mouth sensation when spooning it in.

Made from milk and containing ground vanilla pods to give just the right amount of that authentic flavour, this was my favourite.

It tasted delicious and I had to stop myself eating the whole tub in one sitting.

Plus it’s a bargain.



Sainsbury’s, 900ml, £2 from Sainsburys

This looked fantastic in the tub, with a strong yolky rich yellow colour far closer in appearance to the Carte D’or than some others, along with a really enticing vanilla waft.

Easy to scoop straight from the freezer without needing to wait for it to soften and also made from milk.

The flavour was top notch – very creamy and rich with a big vanilla punch from the ground pods.

A luxurious, decadent-tasting dessert that beats some of its pricier chiller ­cabinet rivals hands down on taste.



Tesco, 900ml, £1.70 from Tesco

Another supermarket tub on sale that looked delicious for a bargain price.

Made with crushed vanilla pods and with plenty of visible black specks ­running through every scoop, it certainly appeared far more expensive than it is.

A nice creamy texture but for me, the flavour was lacking.

Felt almost greasy in my mouth and I struggled to detect much taste of the vanilla. Left me with a slightly strange ­lingering after-taste too.

Might be better covered in chocolate sauce but mostly disappointing.



Aldi Gianni’s, 900ml, £1.49 from Aldi

A Carte D’Or copycat at half the price of the original, this looks just as tasty as the real deal with an array of fancy piped swirls across the top.

Smooth and soft again, this reminds me more of the whippy texture you’d get from an ice-cream van’s offering.

Great if you like that, although anyone who ­prefers a thicker, creamier style might be happier opting for a different brand.

Decent vanilla flavour but much milder than some others.

I really enjoyed it, but if you like a stronger, denser ice-cream then this probably isn’t for you.



Asda Really Creamy, £1.68 from Asda

This looked and smelt delicious in the tub, speckled with lots of vanilla seeds and a really enticing texture.

I couldn’t wait to stick my spoon in. Luckily the flavour didn’t let it down either.

Smooth and creamy, the vanilla was mild but well-balanced, and although thicker and less refined than some of the other ice-creams, a spoonful was still very satisfying.

However for me, this was too ­saccharine – but it’s hard to argue with the price, and if you have a sweet tooth then you’ll probably love it even more.


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