What time can pubs serve alcohol when they open tomorrow


BRITS are getting ready for their first lockdown pint as pubs prepare to reopen tomorrow – but what time can they start serving?

Pubs will finally welcome back punters on July 4, on what’s been dubbed as “Super Saturday“.

A sign at the bar in Wetherpoon’s Muswell Hill as it prepares to reopen

It comes as the government eases its lockdown rules, which means restaurants and cafes are also allowed to start serving customers again.

Pubs will have social distancing measures in place, so your local will look different when you next visit.

Changes you’ll notice include screens, posters and floor markings to help keep customers safe.

Some pubs won’t be letting customers order at the bar – instead, you’ll have to order your drink via an app.

There will also be fewer seats available, which may mean more competition for a table.

HOAR visited a Greene King pub where they had 60 per cent of their usual seating capacity.

You can read more about all the changes to expect in your local here.

But one thing that will remain the same is pubs will be serving alcohol – here we reveal everything you need to know about exactly when you can get a pint.

Pubs across the UK have been shut for around three months

What time do pubs open on July 4?

Pubs will be allowed to open as early as 6am on “Super Saturday” – despite the new lockdown rules actually coming into force from midnight.

Opening times will vary, as each boozer will have different licencing rules.

It’ll also depend on if your local is part of a chain or an independent boozer.

For example, Wetherspoon will open most of its pubs at 8am tomorrow, although some will open at 9am or 10am.

The pub chain plans on reopening 750 of its venues.

We’d recommend calling up before making the journey to avoid arriving to closed doors.

What time can pubs serve alcohol on July 4?

Again, this will depend on the licence that each pub has – so make sure you check with your local.

Some pubs won’t necessarily be able to serve alcohol as soon as they open.

This means you might not be able to get a pint as early as 6am.

Wetherspoon says it will serve alcohol “in a handful” of pubs from 8am, while the vast majority will start pouring from 9am.

Some won’t serve alcohol until 10am.

What time do pubs close on July 4?

This will also vary between pubs, so do check with your nearest boozer.

Before the coronavirus, pubs would close anywhere between 11pm and 2am, depending on their licence and day of the week.

However, if you’re thinking of a long-haul, you should know that some pubs will impose a two hour limit on customers.

Some pubs will also require you to pre-book a table, meaning you won’t be able to just walk-in.

A few pubs aren’t going to open at all on Saturday.

But if you are planning on heading out, Carlsberg has launched a website to find local pubs open near you.

Pubs will get shut down if they don’t follow three rules this weekend as safety officers plan spot checks.