When can hairdressers and barbers open again in the UK?



SHAGGY-haired Brits could soon be back to their coiffed best as hair salons and barbershops may reopen in a fortnight.

That’s good news for DIY hair stylists, forced to trim their own locks during the coronavirus lockdown.

Hairdressers and barbers have been closed due to the coronavirus lockdown

When will hairdressers and barbers open again?

The PM Boris Johnson is considering letting hair salons and barber shops reopen within two weeks, reports The Telegraph.

Hairdressers had been expecting to wait until at least July to get cutting again.

Johnson is looking at a possible June 15 date for reopening salons, bringing them into line with other non-essential shops.

But staff would have to wear dentist-style PPE to protect against the coronavirus.

This follows calls from the Hair and Barber Council, which represents 11,000 salons across the country, to open the sector within the next fortnight.

There is also hope on the horizon for an earlier opening in Ireland after the Irish Hairdressers Federation said salons could reopen at the end of June.

Salons and barbers in the UK have had their doors closed since late March when non-essential shops were asked to close in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.


How will social distancing work when getting your hair cut?

According to the 50-page blueprint, hairdressers and barbers are among businesses which will not be allowed to reopen until they meet “Covid-19-secure” guidelines.

The document may include measures such as the use of face masks – as has been seen for hair salons in countries in Europe – and social distancing.

“Many measures require the development of new safety guidelines that set out how each type of physical space can be adapted to operate safely,” the government document reads.

Salons are likely to operate at only 50 per cent capacity in order to maintain social distancing measures, with those cutting your hair working on shift patterns to minimise contact with staff and customers.

It's hard to self-distance when working on somebody's hair

It’s hard to self-distance when working on somebody’s hair

It is also likely that not every station in the salon will be used, with the hairdressers working at every other station in a bid to maintain a two-metre distance between them.

The British Beauty Council recommends that staff wear gloves, masks and gowns, while customers will also likely have to wear masks and will not be able to have many belongings on them.

Underground hairdressers and stylists have been popping up as desperate Brits search for a way to sort out their hair.

What should I do if I’m a hairdresser?

This is a stressful time for all self-employed workers and hairdressers are no different.

The government has pledged support to self-employed people in the United Kingdom as well as full-time workers.

Self-employed workers can read our guide on how to get financial help during this crisis.

Some workers will be eligible for the furlough scheme – if you are, you can read our guide on what the emergency measures mean for you.

The furlough scheme has been extended until October.

Should I cut my own hair at home?

There are many ways to cut yours or your loved ones’ hair – and you don’t have to be too handy with the clippers to achieve them either.

From cutting your fringe at home to cutting men’s hair with clippers for a short back and sides, we have it all covered for you.

But if you are after a more general guide to cutting your hair at home, this handy guide should be able to help.


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