Alan Partridges Steve Coogan sparks fury after branding Tory voters ignorant


ALAN Partridge actor Steve Coogan sparked fury by calling Conservative voters ignorant.

The luvvie bizarrely suggested that schools were intentionally underfunded to help win votes and called Brexit backers ill-informed.

Steve Coogan has faced backlash after calling Conservative voters ‘ignorant’ and ‘ill-informed’

Coogan appeared on Channel 4 News, where he made the comments about schools and voters.

He said: The reason the Tories dont invest in education is they depend on the ignorance that will lead to their support.

And when asked how the character who made him famous, Alan Partridge, would vote, he replied: Alan Partridge is ill-informed and ignorant and therefore hes a Conservative and Brexiteer.

He is backing the Lib Dems and Labour in a bid to overturn the referendum result.

Coogan, 54, also slipped up on Sky News while trying to slate the Tories, by saying people dont like the smell of Labour.

He said: It goes beyond Brexit for me, its about how we treat our fellow human beings.

I think theres a kind of a consensus, a cross-party consensus of politicians and voters who dont like the smell of this Labour Government.

Its the nasty party, its encouraging prejudice, it exploits peoples ignorance, peoples fears and insecurities in the worst possible way.



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