Are there not more pressing matters for the Tories than bitching about Boris?


DISLOYAL Tories spending the past few days bitching about the future of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister should shut their mouths and focus on the country getting back on track.

The delusion of these embittered and troublemaking MPs knows no bounds.

Underestimate Boris Johnson at your own peril.

This is a man who, against all odds, won a historic landslide election in December, saving the Tories from the ditch they were headed under Theresa May.

It wasn’t his first great victory – who could forget the London mayoralty and Brexit? – and I’m certain it won’t be the last.

Underestimate Boris Johnson at your peril.

When it comes to this coronavirus pandemic, it’s very easy to try and pull apart the government’s performance.

Has it been perfect? Of course not. Go to any country in the world and many of the same debates are taking place.

But the core claim that Boris locked the country down two weeks too late and caused a greater death toll is not backed up by the facts from the time.

Boris followed the dodgy science of Bonking Boffin Neil Ferguson every step of the way.

To do that, Boris would have had to go against the universal recommendation of the SAGE Committee made up of the country’s apparently best scientists, including Professor Lockdown Neil Ferguson.

Mistakes were made in any country. This was an unprecedented health emergency, with the totalitarian Chinese regime covering up much of the information we desperately needed to plot an appropriate response.

Let’s not forget Boris battled this unprecedented crisis while in far from perfect health.

Talk of Boris being replaced by Rishi Sunak could be wide of the mark.

But did Boris Johnson and the government follow the science at every step of the way? Absolutely.

Besides, all this talk about coups, discounts the fact that the PM has had to fight the biggest political crisis of recent times in far from the best health.

He nearly died from Covid-19, for God’s sake. If he was in any other job, he would probably still be in recovery and off work even now.

But Boris is getting his spark back. His performance at PMQs today and last week was superb. He ran circles around Mr Quiff Keir Starmer.

The next election could be four years away. He has that time to deal with this economic and health emergency then level up the inequalities in our society, as he promised.

If he does that, this current talk of replacing him with the admirable Rishi Sunak will look way off the mark.

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