BBC TV licence to rise to 157.50 a year just months before being axed for over 75s


BBC TV licences are set to rise 3 to 157.50 a year from April – just before the firm axes them for over 75s.

Ministers confirmed today that the hike will come into effect later this year.

BBC licence fees are set to go up again from April

Brits will receive a reminder or new payment plan reflecting the uprated fees when they come to renew their licence.

Tells fans buying before April 1 2020 will be able to get the reduced rate.

The Government is responsible for setting the price – and it’s risen every year in line with inflation since 2016.

Before then it was frozen for six years at 145.50 a year.

But millions of pensioners who previously got a free TV licence will have to pay for it from June this year.

The BBC is facing a huge backlash after their plans to scrap them for over 75s – affecting 3.7million pensioners.

Although, households with at least one person receiving pension credit – around 900,000 currently – will not have to pay.

Boris Johnson has demanded the BBC think again and keep the pensioner perk.

At present a TV licence costs 154.50 for a colour TV and 52 for a black and white one.

Those who are blind or severely sight-impaired are eligible to a 50 per cent discount.

Pensioners will have to pay for a licence from June 2020, unless they qualify for pension credit.


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