Bizarre moment Boris Johnson leaps in the air in animated clash with Keir Starmer who asks him: ‘Is everything ok, PM?’


ANIMATED Boris Johnson leaped off his feet during a heated clash with Sir Keir Starmer in the Commons this lunchtime.

After trading blows on social care and transport reforms the PM exploded at the Labour leader with such vigour he sprung into the air.

Boris Johnson during a fiery PMQs this lunchtime
The PM leaps into the air during the exchanges

It came as Sir Keir tormented his Tory foe over the rambling speech to business bosses this week and asked: “Is everything ok, Prime Minister?”

Downing Street has been forced to deny Mr Johnson is unwell following the bizarre address to the CBI where he gushed over Peppa Pig World.

Conservative backbenchers are privately worried BoJo is losing his mojo after his much-vaunted rail revolution and social care reforms also landed badly.

At a fiery PMQs today Sir Keir accused the PM of launching a “working class dementia tax” by watering down social care plans that means people will still have to sell their homes to meet crippling care cost.

He branded it “another broken promise” along with the election pledge not to raise National Insurance tax and for an HS2 leg to Leeds.

Mr Johnson shot back that Sir Keir previously opposed the high speed line but was now scoffing at the government’s plan.

The PM yelled: “How can anyone trust this man!”

Continuing his takedown on the PM, Sir Keir said the government is performing a “classic Covent Garden pickpocketing operation”.

He said: “The Prime Minister’s the frontman distracting people with wild promises and panto speeches while the Chancellor dips his hand in their pocket.

“But now the Prime Minister’s routine is falling flat. His Chancellor is worried that people are getting wise.

“His backbenchers say it’s embarrassing and senior people in Downing St are telling the BBC it’s not working.

“Is everything ok, Prime Minister?”

A reporter asked Mr Johnson the same question following his speech at the CBI conference on Monday.

The same day a “senior Downing St source” told the BBC the PM’s current operation was a shambles.

Fingers have been pointed at the Treasury for starting a bitter briefing war at the heart of government, although Mr Johnson’s press secretary denied there was any friction.

In the Commons Mr Johnson hit back: “If we listened if we listened to Captain hindsight, we will have no HS2 at all.

“And if we listened to him we would all still be in lockdown.”

Keir Starmer taunts his Tory foe at PMQs

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