Boris Johnson accuses Remainer MPs of holding Britain hostage and keeping country in a deadlock with Brexit delays


BORIS Johnson last night accused Remainer MPs of holding the country hostage in their bid to thwart Brexit.

The PM claimed they had inflicted untold damage on the job prospects of millions of by constant duplicity and delay.

Boris Johnson is incredibly frustrated by Parliaments delay

And he tore into Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for dodging the general election he has called for 35 TIMES in the past two years.

In a blistering attack, Mr Johnson challenged the rabble alliance to set a deadline for Parliament to scrutinise his new deal.

He promised to give them all the time they like to pore over it on condition they agree to an election on December 12.

Restless Mr Johnson declared: Parliament has consistently told the country what it doesnt want but it has never been willing or able to say what it does want.

This has left our country unable to move on and do what is needed to get Brexit done.

He voiced his despair that after clinching a deal that brought light to the end of the tunnel, MPs chose to ask for more tunnel.

Mr Johnson added: My worry is this Parliament will just waste the next three months like it has wasted the last three years.

Parliament cannot hold the country hostage any longer.

“Millions of businesses and people cannot plan their futures, this paralysis is causing real damage and the country must move on in 2020.


The PM is expected to lose a Commons vote on Monday when he seeks the two-thirds majority needed to force a general election.

But he has put the party machine on full campaign readiness and vowed to push for one every day.

Tory election managers are already in place across the country, literature packs are going out to candidates this week and teams have been briefed that an election is coming.

Today they will launch a massive social media blitz calling for an election to break the deadlock.

Angry Tories fear Remainers keep moving the goalposts as part of a plan to derail Brexit completely.

They voted down Theresa Mays deal, refused to back BoJos and passed a law to stop Britain leaving without a deal on Thursday night.

Now they are secretly plotting to stop us EVER leaving without a deal even if the EU agrees to a further delay.

Frustrated Mr Johnson blasted Labour for refusing to break the deadlock by agreeing to an election despite its MPs demanding one 50 times in the past month.

He said: I have made a very reasonable offer to Jeremy Corbyn and the opposition. They say they want more time to discuss my new deal. They can have more time.

Indeed they can have all the parliamentary time they like night and day between now and when Parliament rises for the election to scrutinise this deal and get it agree one final time.

But if they are to convince me and the country that they are really serious in wanting to do this, then they must set a fixed term to the debate a real hard deadline that everyone can understand and everyone can believe in.

But Mr Corbyn said he would only fight a general election once all vestigates of a no-deal Brexit have been taken off the table.

He also hit back at the PM for urging him to man up saying: I would ask him to stop using such ridiculous language.


Last night an Opinium poll gave Tories a 16-point lead over Labour, enough to be returned with a whopping 100-seat majority.

It put Mr Johnson’s party on 40 per cent, up three, Labour static on 24 and Lib Dems down one point to 15.

About five EU countries are ready to force Britain to the brink of a no-deal by threatening to block an extension to Thursdays Brexit deadline.

France is waiting to see if Labour and the Commons agree to a general election or ratify his deal before sanctioning a three-month delay.

President Emmanuel Macron is believed to have the support of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

A source said it was not a given unless there was political movement in Westminster to justify it.

Jeremy Corbyn is not in favour of Brexit, or a December election


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