Boris Johnson and his team wolfed down a Five Guys takeaway while finalising the next stage of lockdown


A Deliveroo driver’s daughter revealed the huge order of 15 burgers, fries and shakes to her TikTok followers.

Boris got the Five Guys in

She ticked off the PM to her followers, joking: “I must say, that’s [syc] not very healthy of you Bojo.”

The dad sent a screenshot of his journey to his daughter, adding: “See where I am going”.

She replied: “Ur delivering to borris?” [syc]and asked him what the PM had ordered, adding: “I must know.”

The dad sent her a screenshot of the order, which included several cheeseburgers, five strawberry milkshakes, an All Beef Hot Dog, a Veggie Sandwich and several Cajun style chips.

A Downing Street insider said the order was for Friday lunch while the PM and his team worked on the plan for easing social distancing restrictions ahead of his hotly-anticipated address to the nation last night.

A Downing Street aide said the team was planning to put another takeaway order in yesterday afternoon, but refused to say what type of cuisine they had gone for.

It comes as the Prime Minister is set to warn the UK later today that the country is entering the most dangerous phase of the outbreak.

Five Guys are already using the screens
The TikTok star made fun of the order
Her dad messaged her about the delivery

The PM will urge “maximum caution” as he unveils his road map out of lockdown.

Mr Johnson told HOAR on Sunday: “This is the dangerous bit.

“We’re past the peak now but we’ll have to work even harder to get every step right.”

Mr Johnson believes that now the NHS has been protected from being over-run and families will be given greater freedom, the emphasis must change.

People will be allowed to leave home more often but must stay alert to stop the spread of the virus.

The new phrase came amid fears the “stay at home” message had been too effective and had made many families terrified to venture out.


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