Boris Johnson could try to trigger general election TODAY as he challenges Jeremy Corbyn for a third time


BORIS Johnson could try to trigger a general election TODAY as he challenges Jeremy Corbyn for a third time.

The PM is likely to lay down a motion that would force MPs to decide this evening or Monday whether a national poll should take place before the Brexit.

Boris ohnson could try to trigger a general election TODAY as he challenges Jeremy Corbyn for a third time


Mr Johnson is preparing to challenge Mr Corbyn as soon as a Brexit extension is confirmed by Brussels with a decision expected either tomorrow or Monday, The Times reports.

Tory Party chairman James Cleverly has not ruled not Brexit taking place on October 31 and said the Government has had to “ramp up” its no-deal preparations.

He told BBC Radio 4s Today Programme: “The EU has not agreed an extension and therefore it is absolutely essential that we make sure that we are ready to leave.”

Mr Cleverly also suggest there would be a national vote by Christmas.


On the possibility of a December election affecting Nativity plays at schools which will have to be used as polling stations, he said: “I don’t want to be the Grinch.

But the point is democracy is incredibly important and we have been prevented on discharging the duty imposed upon us.”

While Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has accused Mr Corbyn of dithering – after he twice dodged an election call in the Commons.

Mr Buckland said: They have had two chances for an election and turned them down.

The rhetoric from the Leader of the Opposition is that he wants an election he says he is gagging for it let’s see if he goes for it this time.

Yesterday Labour rowed back on suggestions they were ready to take on the Tories.

But this morning Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long Bailey said the party would for vote a general election if the PM calls for one after a Brexit extension.

She told Today: That’s our position. But we also want the Prime Minister to look at the compromise that’s been offered that a lot of MPs support, and that’s the ability to be able to properly scrutinise the Bill.”


However, it has emerged the Labour leader faces a revolt from his own MPs who believe they will get thrashed by the Tories.

Party sources told the Daily Mail that more than half of Labour MPs told party whips they would not vote for an election in the Commons.

One source said: If he’s stupid enough to give Boris an election now we are going to get smashed.

The election speculation comes as EU chiefs were split over whether to grant a three-month extension or a much shorter one.
France has given the PM a major boost by leading a push to keep it to just 15 days.

Mr Johnson continued to call EU leaders throughout the day to plead for the delay to be as short as possible so he could put pressure on MPs to pass his Brexit deal bill.

Mr Johnson spoke to Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on Tuesday night straight after the bills timetable was torpedoed by MPs.

Yesterday, he also rang EU council President Donald Tusk and Germanys Angela Merkel.

Downing Street still publicly insisted the PM did not want any extension.

His official spokesman said of the calls: The PM reiterated his long-standing position.

The Prime Minister explained it was still possible to leave on October 31 with a deal.


Jeremy Corbyn has dodged an election call twice in the Commons


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